Should doctors with degrees from foreign medical schools be allowed to practice in the United States?

  • Better Care Without Borders

    Following the issues that have been presented as being
    problematic with Obamacare and following the economic recession’s slump in
    students enrolling in schools as doctors (specifically generalized MD’s), the
    United States has faced a severe shortage of doctors. Many hospitals and
    clinics with specific physicians at their practices often have to call in help
    from other physicians several towns away as has been seen locally. If this
    shortage of doctors could be thwarted by an influx of doctors with degrees from
    foreign soil, then it is logical and better for the health of the nation to
    welcome them with open arms and a properly prepared system of testing expertise
    and licensing. Other professionals from overseas can obtain the rights to practice
    their craft in our country by obtaining certificates or licenses through board
    overseen exams and continuing education. These measures are taken for
    physicians when they travel to a different state already; it would be
    relatively simple to come up with a generalized test to make sure that a doctor
    from another country meets the standards of the state in this nation where they
    would like to practice. That would help alleviate the doctor shortage, improve
    health care by having more highly trained professionals to offer care even to
    those in financial need, and strengthen relationships with other nations who
    would then want to offer incentives for their physicians to stay in their home
    country (creating the healthy competition that our capitalism encourages). All
    in all, with the right measures in place, this could be very beneficial for the
    health care industry in the United States.

  • Yes, if they pass the tests.

    It has been a tradition for prospective medical doctors to go away to school if they can not find space in an American school and that is fine as long as the school itself is accredited and of good quality and the doctor who returns to the US passes all the exams and has an internship.

  • If They Can Pass Standardized Tests

    I believe doctors with degrees from foreign medical schools should be allowed to practice in the United States if they can pass a battery of standardized tests and prove their abilities. America needs more doctors and they shouldn't deny those that are well educated outside of the country. We shouldn't let sub par doctors practice but just because a school is outside of the US does not mean the doctor didn't get proper training.

  • Doctors At Large

    Doctors with foreign medical degrees should be allowed to practice in the United States, so long as they meet the qualifications of the AMA. Where a doctor comes from is of no importance when you are the patient and need medical help; so long as they are a qualified medical doctor that is all that would matter.

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