• I love violence, I do!

    These days with health & safety and all that, the only fun a child can have nowadays is hitting another child with a dodge ball at high speeds, hopefully injuring him in the process. If we take away this gore, then children will just get so bored they'll shrivel up and die.

  • I think dodgeball shouldn't be banned from school.

    Im a 12 year old and I love dodgeball , eventhough there are some downsides to it , you could always fix them. Anyways, dodgeball teaches kids new skills such as reflexs , or making a decision quicker. Also , instead of trying the same easy sports / games , you should try something fun and challenging, like dodgeball!

  • Good why to get bullied

    Many people targeted and really hard on purpose this could be a form of bullying. Have you every seen the movies were the jocks pick on the wimpy little kid hiding in the corner that is what happens in the real life too. You don't know that it really does happen and those foam balls do hurt if you though them hard enough. It is a grade to do the game so its not a choice

  • Students should play dodgeball

    Students should be able to play dodgeball because it is a good way to excercise and meet new people. Dodgeball is a popular sport in school and other places. It is a great way to build teamwork with other people. Please let students play dodgeball, at school and other places.

  • Benefits of dodgeball

    This sport like many others has several benefits, including hand/eye coordination, teamwork, building quick reflexes, learning to catch the ball, learning to throw the ball, building a competitive spirit, and, it's just fun! Many sports are "dangerous" including football (full speed running/tackling) baseball ( ball being throw at you) hockey (again, high speed projectile) rugby, and lacrosse. Should we stop all those sports because someone could get hurt, or should the players (who opted to play, by the way) figure out how to get better. There are much more dangerous sports than dodgeball. I'd venture to guess that more kids get hurt just playing on the monkey bars. Teach kids how to handle adversity and work through the pain to make them stronger rather than coddling them through life.

  • Yes Dodge ball should be aloud in any school.

    Why should we not have dodge ball? If bullies do that to kids then won't the teacher make them stop? We are getting a good work out to. It helps us with hand eye coronation. Also it give the arm a good work out. Pulse the balls are soft bounce one on your head, (even though they don't bounce) you will see that the ball does not hurt your head at all.

  • Dodgeball is sooooo much fun

    Dodgeball is the american classic. Somebody is playing dodgeball every day. Most schools play with foam balls that you can barly feel. Some kids think it hurts though but they don't have to play it is their choice. Dodgeball is something that you have a choice to play. Don't be a sissy.

  • Of Course It Should!

    Why not? Oh. I know why. We'll slip, fall and cry! Nobody cares, to all the naysayers. Gyms should be banned for the reasons above! Oh, let's ban sports in grass because we can get hurt? People NEED a beating. Don't be a sanitizer human, it won't help with anything.

  • Dodgeball is fun!

    Dodgeball is a really fun activity. Everybody needs to get out their violence and this is the best way to do it. The side of the room that says no dodgeball are dumb. I'm looking at you Drew. Dodgeball should be allowed in every school forever and ever and ever.

  • Too fun too quit!

    First of all, dodge ball can help practice reflexes. (I mean, seriously, if you get hit with a foam ball and it hurts, you really need too pay attention). Also, many people pay more attention if they enjoy something. My most important reason is well, as I said, too fun!

  • Kids can get hurt

    Dodgeball is a team sport that no one would like to play because it could potentially hurt them. Think of it, teenagers hurling soft foam balls a seven-year-olds? It doesn't make any sense to have kids get hurt just for a game. Although you have to stay on your toes, would you really want kids getting hurt?

  • It is fun

    It helps a lot of kids moving and and sometimes people have bad days. But when your playing dodge ball you start to fell better. As you go and while you play dodge ball you lose pounds . For example if you are 155 - pounds playing 30 minutes of dodge ball you would lose 186 pounds.

  • Dodge ball can be dangeroud

    We played it in P.E yesterday and i got hit in the eye twice so i think that safty of me and other kids is the reason that most kids dont want to get hurt and i can relate to that because my face was red till about 4:00 in the morning oww!!!

  • Only if the teachers were smart enough to separate the girls from the boys for this game.

    I loved dodge ball as a teenager in school because I was one of the strongest males in class and had great accuracy. I caused a great many injuries to the other boys mainly due to hitting them in the legs as they ran so they would, a lot of the time, fall and hit their heads on the wood floor at speed. In my daughter's school they put the girls in with the boys and she has sustained 2 injuries already. I've spoken to the school about separating the sexes for dodge ball but this far they have ignored it. Some might say that my child being injured is payback for all the pain I caused. I would argue, at least we played on a somewhat fair standing with it being all boys.

  • Kids shouldn't be forced to do what they don't want.

    I hate most sports, much like dodge ball, and I absolutely hate when my gym teacher announces we are playing dodge ball! Imagine being the kid who isn't physically fit and being forced to play a sport! At the age 10. I was forced into softball and I dreaded it. No kid should have to play dodge ball. Maybe we shouldn't ban it, but at least let kids decide whether or not they would like to play, and if not have them walk.

  • Definitely ... NOT

    Dodge ball is a great sport (if you're one of the stronger kids)! For the weaker kids, it is tortuous. The weaker kids are the ones that get picked off first. Bullies also use this sport as a tool to pick on kids, and if they get called on it, they can simply say that the violence is part of the game. Gym class is to keep kids healthy, not beat them down with dodge balls. A dodge ball (thrown hard enough) can cause bruises and a headshot could cause a concussion.

    If dodge ball can't be completely eradicated from schools, it should at least be limited.

  • Dodgeball only hurts kids.

    Kids need a variety of games in order to stay fit, which is the reason gym class exists. BUT, if the class just plays dodgeball everyday, the kids are not branching out to other activities. Other activities should include general sports and games kids have never even heard of.
    Dodgeball also gives bullies and/or jocks the opportunity to hurt other kids. The kids that usually get picked on are weaker than their opponents and can be severely hurt by a dodgeball, especially the rubber ones. A headshot could cause a concussion and other hits to the body could cause bruising and other injuries. Dodgeball hurts kids emotional health. If a kid is attacked by a plethora of dodgeballs everyday, they may find themselves worthless.

    Now, what are the benefits to dodgeball? Not much, just being able to throw a ball and the few times a kid "excersises" when they have to dodge one.

    If dodgeball can't be banned completely in schools, it should be limited at least.

  • Just Not Good

    I think that dodgeball should not be played because people get hurt and u might get confused of the rules and the people who get out first is always sad and will probs get teased on a lot! So overall i think that dodgeball should be banned anywhere no matter what happens!

  • Yes n n n

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  • Protecting kids from dodgeball

    OK. I understand. I personally love dodge ball myself, but I know that to some kids, dodge ball can be hurtful. Yes, kids love dodge ball, the ones that are the most confident, the strongest. But, to the kids that are always eliminated first, dodge ball can be extremely boring. The people that are standing last are usually the sportiest. In Boston, 25% of kids lack physical activity. Since they are the easiest targets, they are out first and sitting out for usually the rest of the game. That doesn't help them. Playing dodge ball only makes the strong stronger and the weak even weaker. There is such a TV show called "Extreme Dodgeball", where people talk about "annihilating opponents", "throw to kill ratios", and "headshots". Is that something you want a small kid to be exposed to? Furthermore, dodge ball sometime wrecks one's feelings. When I was in elementary school, I have seen people get extremely upset because of dodge ball. This sport will only make the strong more confident and the weak feel hopeless. You might think that the dodge ball game is harmless, but really will only make some kids depressed, some violent, and for bullies to feel more powerful.

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