Should dog owners feel guilty about owning a purebred?

  • Yes they should

    Yes, purebred dogs owners should feel guilty. They are contributing to a huge problem in the United States; the problem of overpopulation of pets. People should always go to their local shelters to adopt dogs. When purebred dogs are bought, those buyers are making it easier for people to continue breeding. When breeding continues, many of these dogs end up in shelters themselves. I know several people that breed dogs simply for the money. They have no cares about what happens to the dogs once money has exchanged hands.

  • The Guilt of the Pet Trade

    Yes, the dog owners feel guilty about owning a purebred. A true breeder does it for the love of the dog. They will tell you up front they aren't making any money off of your sale. I’ve owned both mutts from shelters and expensive purebreds from breeders. While I love all dogs with all of my heart, all of my dogs will continue come from shelters. They seem to “know” that they are saved and are eternally grateful. And they tend to have less health problems than purebreds.

  • Animals are not a commodity

    The concept of purchasing an animal from a breeder should become antiquated. There are hundreds of millions of animals euthanized in the American States alone every year, most of whom are housetrained and very able to be a loving member of a family. While "guilt" might be a heavy word to use in this context, since a buyer has not necessarily done something wrong, there is certainly a morally superior choice available which trumps "preference" of breed.

  • Zero moral justification for owning a purebred

    Having lived overseas for a few years in the Balkans I saw more animal suffering than I've ever witnessed in the US and it changed my opinion on the purebred/stray debate permanently. Over half of stray dogs in the US are euthanized. When people think about buying a purebred they aren't just wanting a dog to love or save, They are PURCHASING IT to display status and use it's popular image, Much like you would a nice designer handbag. They would rather support a for profit industry than save a life while also getting a dog more likely to have health issues. An AKC shill on here was spreading some silly misinformation that mutts all come from two purebred dogs resulting in twice the health problems. Bald faced lie. The majority of mutts are a mix of the feral population and certainly not two purebred dogs, As a population they are far healthier than some bottlenecked "purebred" gene pool. I refuse to acknowledge purebred owners in public anymore, They want the oohs and awws on the street for their iconic dog so they can bask in it while millions starve and die in the streets worldwide. Sickening. A rescue is obviously another matter and many purebred owners are responsible and kind. With that said owning one still promotes the image and popularity of purebreds and I won't be a part of it anymore.

  • IT IS NOT IGNORANT to buy to a buy a purebreed dog.

    IT IS NOT IGNORANT. The ignorant ones are the people who don't fix their mutts. Anyone that wants to own a purebred has the right to own one. I shouldn't have to buy someone else's mistake/bad judgment. It should be illegal to own a mixed breed that's not fixed. And you CANNOT adopt a purebred from a shelter where I live. They call the purebred rescues that are associated with their breed and they come get them and they are placed in foster homes. The purebreds don't stay in the shelter here. And like one other person said with a purebred you know exactly what personality traits you are getting and that is a VERY good thing if you have kids or if your dog will be around a lot of people like extended family or maybe you like in an apartment complex.

  • Adopt a pure breed if you want one so bad

    You can ADOPT a pure breed from a shelter. No need to pay some person to force dogs to make more inbreed pups to replace the missing one you bought. Besides, shelter dogs are all screen checked by the best vets. Breeders just assume thier dogs are perfect from birth and sell them off as soon as they can. That isn't right.

  • Adopt a pure breed if you want one so bad.

    You can ADOPT a pure breed from a shelter. No need to pay some person to force dogs to make more inbreed pups to replace the missing one you bought. Besides, shelter fogs are all screen checked by the best vets. Breeders just assume thier dogs are perfect from birth and sell them off as soon as they can. That isn't right.

  • I hate you people

    Only peoppe who say no are people to bought pure breeds or sell them. You don't even think about the consequences. To you the end results of inbreeding justify the means. If I see you on the street, I'll shame you. I don't care what stupid crap you spew out to try and justify it. Because there is none.

  • IYes they freaking should!

    Buying a pure breed is pure ignorance. Plain and simple. I could go on and on about the many reasons why, but better people have done so. Just look it up. Incest/inbreeding, more heath problems then you can think off, not to mention the dang breeder is only going to force the mother dog to have multiple litters just to replace the one dog you bought! Oh and by the way, you can ADOPT pure breeds from shelters.

  • Hell no :)

    So only shelter dogs should be loved? You guys sound crazy. I bought my dog and yes I felt guilty for a while just because of all the social stigma about adopting over buying. But when it comes down to it all dogs deserve a home regardless of where they came from.

  • Ohhhhh, Absolutely NOT

    No dog owner should ever feel any ounce of guilt for deciding to acquire a purebred dog. While most purebred dogs are purchased through breeders, it is a fact that there are just as many purebred dogs that have been adopted from animal shelters and rescue organizations. Purebred dogs were bred for a purpose, to have very specific traits and characteristics necessary to accomplish certain tasks, such as hunting, herding and guarding, making each and every breed unique in its own way down to its size, coat type and color, and most importantly, its temperament and personality - why should anyone feel guilty for wanting a dog with a very specific temperament and traits that are best suited for their individual lifestyle? Mixed breeds / mutts are unpredictable in every aspect imaginable, aside from the fact that they are dogs, their coat colors and types, sizes, prey drive, energy and temperaments are all a gamble when acquiring a dog of mixed ancestry. Anyone that honestly thinks a dog owner should feel guilty for owning a purebred should take a long, hard look in the mirror and make some needed adjustments in their attitude.

  • No, there is nothing to feel guilty about for owning a purebred dog

    While it is certainly admirable to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, purchase a mixed dog or save a rescue dog, dog owners who own purebred dogs have no reason to feel guilty. Some people simply have a certain affinity for a specific breed. As long as pet owners give their dogs a good home whether they are purebred or not, they shouldn't feel guilty.

  • No they shouldn't feel guilty

    Because responsible breeder only breed with healthy purebred dogs while mutts are often times mistakes the owner made by accidentally letting their female dog in heat get pregnant with a random dog while she was off leash or they breed them with a different breed because they think their dog is cute.
    Everyone who says purebreds have more health issues than mutts is wrong because breeders actually only breed with dogs who are healthy. But I can't talk for all breeds because some breeds do have health issues like pugs and pitbulls.

  • The logic used about mutts being healthier and buying purebred is the reason for the mass number of shelter dogs is a flawed argument.

    A reputable breeder breeds infrequently and is looking at all genetics in order to make sure future generations don't have poor genes. I have had mutts and purbreds and the "mutts are healthier" is a myth...Where do you think they come from? Possibly two purebred dogs = double the problems.

    Most adoptable dogs are mutts, designer dogs or dogs breed by the irresponsible breeders; the reason most dogs end up in shelters is because the dog did not have the expected temperament (more predictable with a purebreed) or it has health issues.

    My current dog is a retired show beagle and he is in fine health with the exact temperament expected of the breed.

    - Former owner/handler, and current AKC Judge

  • Why should they?

    Why should pet owners feel guilty about owning a purebred. I own a purebred tuxedo cat at the moment and we got her fixed so that she couldn't have kittens if we ever decided to get a male cat. I also owned a purebred brindle pit bull and I had her fixed in case I got a male dog so she couldn't have puppies.

  • No I don't think dog owners should feel guilty about owning purebreds

    If they are taking good care of the pets, there isn't anything wrong with that. Now if they were abusing them or mistreating them, then yeah they should feel guilty for that. But as long as that isn't happening, they have nothing to feel guilty for in my estimation. So no I don't think the owners should feel bad at all.

  • Purebreds are not the reason for shelter dogs.

    The reason why dogs end up in shelters is because of bad owners and puppy mills. Breeders were the first to create Dog Rescues because they love dogs so much. Responsible breeders will always take back a dog no matter what. Responsible breeders are very picky with who their puppies go home too. Responsible breeders only breed once or twice every couple of years.
    Dogs end up in the shelters because of irresponsible owners!!! The owners pick up their little designer mutt from a farmers market, realize that it got too big for them and put it in the shelter because the store certainly is not going to take the grown puppy back. Rescue Retail is huge for profit business as well.

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BaxterDebate says2016-09-02T14:12:14.810
There is no such thing as a purebred. All modern dog breeds are muts from a long time ago. The paperwork and pedigree is just used as a false sense of Prestige. Not to mention it drives cost up.