• Dogs are Dangerous

    Dogs are very dangerous animals, they can randomly bite and ravage parks. Plus some dogs absolutely destroy the tree bark which leads to dead trees. Dogs should be banned from public parks, if dogs need excessive, go to a dog park not a public park meant for human beings. Dogs should be banned from parks

  • Dogs are not humans. They have their own parks to go to.

    You ever see that sign that says, "KEEP DOG ON LEASH"? By my experience, the majority of the dog walkers in parks don't obey this simple rule, choosing instead to let their dogs run free. There are people genuinely terrified of dogs, and most others don't want a "good boy" gnawing at their heels. Here is what happens often to me far too often at parks: a dog owner lets their dog run free, and for some reason they end up running to me and rubbing their noses all over my legs as I do an awkward dance to stay away from them. And then the owners come up and say, "Oh don't worry, he's a NICE dog!" Let me give another example of this sort of dog behavior that I've seen (with a stupid owner). A dog attacked a biker, which forced the man to hide behind his bicycle as he tried to ward off the dog. The dog owner walks over, and as the biker, frustrated and angry, points to the sign prompting the owner to put their dog on a leash, the lady ignores him, choosing rather to say, "I'm a lawyer."

    And don't even get me started on the lazy dog owners who leave mounds of doggo nuggets on the grass for people to step in. There is a reason for dog parks: to keep dogs away from bothering people that don't want to be bothered, and to interact with other dogs. It isn't very hard to find a dog park near you. So take your dog to one.

  • Dogs are dangerous

    Even if they are on a leash some are to strong for they owners there's so many mix breeds nowadays you don't no what's what so it's no worth taking the risk danger to children you can never stop a bad owner there's 1 born everyday a child dies nearly every fews months because of a dog attack its shocking nothings been done

  • Dogs have taken over our parks, And public spaces. Irresponsible owners never clean up after their dog!

    It's not that I hate dogs, But they have no business at a park. I walk every day, And our park smells like dog feces, And dog urine. There are literally heaping piles of dog feces around, And dog owners apparently are above the law. Mind you, We literally have a dog park 5 minutes away. Dog feces spreads disease. To people, And wild animals. Quite a few times, Dog owners let their dog defecate at the soccer field. Our kids play there for God's sake. It's more acceptable to say "I HaTe kIdS" than it is to say "I don't like dogs" these days. When you're walking your kid, And pushing your dog in a stroller, You look ridiculous. I understand if there's something wrong with the dog, But here it's rare. They coddle the dog, And neglect the child. Not all dog owners, But a great deal I've saw.

  • Yes because dogs can hurt people.

    Dogs should be banned from parks where it's for little children to play. We should still keep the dog parks though. Dogs still need to go outside. ( I need more words to make this a valid argument.) Dogs can be cute, but they can scare little kids, which isn't good.

  • Dogs are a reflection of their owners.

    If you ban dogs from parks due to believing that they would be harmful to the park, than you might as well ban all people. What good would it do you to keep a pyromaniac's dog away from our parks, if the person will still be capable of going in there and burning down the park? People are just as dangerous as (or more dangerous than) any animal .

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