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  • Never kill dogs !

    Dogs never did enything to us why should we do it to them.They probaly did it to protect them selves.Its animal abuse if we do.After killing all those dogs you will be empty inside also don't forget sad.So never kill dogs.If you keep doing this they may go extinct. So NEVER!

  • Dogs have rights!

    Dogs mostly have good reasons to bite someone. It may because that person was abusing the dog first, the person was abusing the dog's owner or the person was abusing the dog's friend. And dogs have rights too. Dogs will not bite you for no reason. Dog abusers do deserve to be bitten.

  • Think about the dog!

    It is not the dog's fault if it feels threatened. If a dog bites you, you have given it the wrong opinion about you. Some dogs just don't like people! That doesn't mean it deserves to be killed! Dogs bite because they were not trained properly! It is unfair to kill a dog because it is afraid or angry.

  • It is not justice to kill a dog, due real compensational justice

    Sure, its fair to expect the dog owner to pay the medical bills of the victim, but execution is just ridiculous. Plus, if people are acting stupid, they deserve to be bit. And some people are going to antagonize a dog and expect to blame the dog. People who do this kind of trash need a slap in the face.

  • Should dogs be executed for biting

    Dogs should NOT! Be executed for biting they should be punished but why punish they so much that you kill they it may have hurt but for real. Dogs are cute and cuddly some dogs not so much but dogs never harm us as much as we harm them its crazy.

  • No no no

    We should not put dogs down for biting someone because they always could've had a reason we don't know how they feel inside so its messed up to kill them we don't kill babies because they bite what makes it different for a dog ive gotten bit by my chihuahua but to be honest i agitated him so he had a reason and i still have him ive had him for 6 years almost 7

  • What happened to man's best friend?

    A dog bites because it feels threatened or provoked or even just to protect us! Think about it dogs have been helping humans longer than any other animal. Only a monster would want to kill something so cute. So say no to dog punishment so bad it kills, say goodbye to unfair punishment altogether.

  • People abuse dogs.

    When people abuse dogs it can lead to biting. But putting a dogs down is still sad but it can help.If it is in pain so times putting in down will help the dogs if it is in pain! So don't kill DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE please please please please please please!!!! Save a life!

  • Dogs have rights

    Almost all dogs at one point will bite someone but almost always the dog has a reason to bite. When dogs are young they will be teething and want to bite almost everything. It is in their nature and they should never be executed for it. Dogs will also bite when they feel like they need to protect their territory or they feel threatened by a human.

  • Dogs should not be executed for biting

    Dogs are loyal, kind, friendly, funny creatures that we keep in are home for companionship and if you're going to kill a dog for biting someone then you should not even be on this planet. Dogs will cuddle with you and make your day when your sad and if you start killing dogs then they will start getting extinct and people do not want that.

    Dogs are the best and you can't take that away!

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