• No second chances for dogs.

    There have been more people in the United States killed by dogs during the first 14 years of the 21st century than during the entire 100 years of the 20th century and people need to ask themselves what has changed where dogs are concerned. Answer: Dog freaks (people who value dogs above everything else on earth) have convinced people dogs are something other than the animals they are, that they are "part of the family," must live indoors and other nonsense. Back when people treated dogs like the animals, kept them outdoors (where they belong), etc., dog attacks on humans was practically nonexistent. During those days, if a dog so much as growled at a human, it was beaten within an inch of its life and if it growled again, it was given a permanent dirt bed. Dogs had a healthy respect for their owners because they knew their owners would hurt them if they got out of line. Today, dogs have no respect for their owners. You see dogs growling and snapping at their owners, pulling their owners when they are being walked, etc. and the reason for this is that there are no longer any consequences for aggressive behavior in dogs. Dogs are NOT children and people who think raising a dog is the same as raising a child have no business having children or owning dogs! When a mother dog is teaching puppies, she nips them so hard they yelp because this is what dogs understand.

    A dog that does not fear and respect human beings is a dangerous dog and a dog that so much as nips a person -- unless it is a guard dog -- should be put down immediately. Not a day passes that we do not read of a dog somewhere in the US attacking and badly injuring (sometimes killing) a person and in many of these cases -- particularly those involving fatalities -- the dogs have bitten a person in the past. A good example is the two pit bull-mixes (misidentified by the owner as Cane Corsos) that killed the jogger in Michigan a few days ago. Those dogs had bitten at least two other people and had they been eliminated after their first bites, this 46-year-old man wouldn't be dead. Additionally, many dogs that attack are "rescue dogs" that have allegedly been "rehabilitated." Last April, a rescued pit bull that had gone through extensive testing and rehabilitation ran out the door of the man who had no better sense than to adopt the monster and attacked an elderly woman, who died a month later. In March, an elderly woman in Texas died after being attacked by a dog that had previously bitten a boy, but was returned to its owner. There should be no second chances for dogs and the very fact that 82% of people voting in this poll feel aggressive dogs should not be put down is the reason we have a dog-attack epidemic in the US today.

  • Dogs should be executed

    Several doctors from the University of P.A all agreed that dogs possessed bed genes and they could never be rehabilitated. Until you have been attacked by a dog you will never say that a dog should NOT be euthanized. The execution of these dogs should be permitted because it will put people’s life at risk, will stop the death of innocent people and because aggressive dogs are useless to humans.
    If dogs who harm humans shouldn’t be put down, it will continue to put many people’s life at risk including innocent infants. More than 500 infants have been attacked and the sound of a bark can be just enough to burst them into tears. More than 200,000 humans have been attacked without provocation and more than 30 have died in a single year. With this in mind, many families and children are now afraid of exiting the house frightened it might occur to them. Anyone in Australia has the right to walk free in their own land and these dogs are the obstruction to this right. This behaviour will not be tolerated and this issue must be resolved before these harmful creatures strike again. The longer we wait, the more time dogs have to attack. Harmful dogs being put down are a great solution to this ongoing situation.
    Hundreds of thousands of citizens have died of dog attacks and the families of the victim are now in intense grief. All of the injured victims lie there on their hospital bed crying in agony while the government doesn’t even lift a finger to resolve the matter. These ferocious organisms do not procure a brain, so there persistent actions have no thought. It’s fair to say that a human’s life is much more important that a dogs. It’s also fair that dogs shouldn’t be executed when trespassing eventuates but there have been thousands of incidents when guiltless strangers have been attacked suddenly. It is legal to own a pet in Australia, but if it is not well trained or obedient, then the Australian government should have the guts to put every dog down which has disturbed or frightened the neighbourhood. Therefore, it is should me made a law the dogs who cause pain to unprovocative human beings, should be eliminated from this society.
    Those aggressive dogs that live with an irresponsible owner and causes trouble around the neighbourhood are undoubtedly have no benefit in this world. If the Liberal Government is not going to immediately take care of this matter, inevitably someone, or even the dog, is going to get critically wounded or affected and might even spark another arguable debate. It is unjust and improper that just because dogs are cute and don’t occupy a brain, they don’t receive punishments for their actions. There are an uncountable number of innocent people in this globe who if are caught doing one abolishing act is sent straight to jail, so why only show mercy to these pets.

  • We have to protect our children and our community!

    My baby cousin was bitten in the face by a dog, it just attacked her out of nowhere. She has had to get stitches and go through painful plastic surgery to restore her skin and she will likely have some of those scars for life. Even worse than the physical scars are the mental ones; she used to love animals, but now, just hearing a dog bark is enough to make her burst into tears and start shaking from fear. Despite this, that evil little dog is still walking around to this day and I shudder to think what it could do to someone else's defenseless child. Dogs that bite like this should NEVER be tolerated, a human's life and safety is more important than an animal's. I think a lot of people defending these dogs tend to forget that they are just ANIMALS and should not be treated the same way as a human being. I have had many pets and I've loved them all but don't you dare tell me an animal is more important than my baby cousin!

  • If the dog deserves it

    There are many things the dogs have to do to be executed, for instance the dog cannot be provoked in any way and the victim has to have a good reason to be near the dog's location. So if this dog came out of nowhere and attacked a innocent person, and caused serious damage the dog would be executed. Some people believe putting them down is "inhumane" and that means of course were not treating them as we would treat another human , but really we are. If a person where to kill another person by attacking (biting) them they too would be executed. Its not like they are just putting down dogs for just a little bite! Its serious damage that had to be done for it to be worth putting them down. It is the only guarantee to safety, especially around children!

  • People are more important than dogs. Period.

    Unless the dog is a) protecting it's family from a *real* threat, not just a perceived threat or b) biting as part of it's job (police dog) then NO DOG should bite a person. Much like human sex offenders, dogs that bite are nearly impossible to rehabilitate and can go on to further injure and traumatize people.

  • Dogs are not People

    I love my dog, and think that it would kill me if she had to be put down due to biting someone; however, it is important to remember that, no matter how much we love them, dogs are animals. Human life and injury is more important, and dogs must be put down if they put any human life at risk.

  • Dogs are not people

    I love dogs but it can cause serious damage to a human. I think they should be put down before others get hurt as well. They can be a great danger to others when they start to bite because then it is going to be hard to get them out of that habit

  • Dogs are not People

    I love my dog, and think that it would kill me if she had to be put down due to biting someone; however, it is important to remember that, no matter how much we love them, dogs are animals. Human life and injury is more important, and dogs must be put down if they put any human life at risk.

  • Should dogs be executed if they bite someone

    The dog should be executed if they bite someone because they are obviously dangerous. Although they should not be executed if the person was in the dogs face because dogs use bitting as self defense. Dogs can be seriously dangerous at some points. I am a dog lover myself. I have experience myself with dogs bites and I don't think if a dog has that in them that they should be alive

  • Should dogs be euthhanized

    Until you have been attacked by a dog (my own dog by the way) you will never say that a dog should NOT be euthanized. I am a member of the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue and I had a Golden that was "insane". I did my research and I spoke with several doctors from the University of PA and they all agreed that the dog had bad genes and could never be rehabilitated. Until it happens to you please do not say a dog should not be euthanizes. My neighbors dog just violently attacked my other neighbors almost ripping his nose off and the dog is still alive. I am doing everything in my power to make sure the dog is put to sleep. It's very sad but that's life. It has a lot to do with Breeding.

  • Dogs Are Family

    Just because a dog bites someone doesnt mean you have to put it down. The only reason a dog would bite is because it feels threatned or its trying to protect someone. Dogs just want to be loved not abused and thrown to the curb. If an human gets violent with another human he doesnt get executed he gets thrown in jail and returns to the street later.

  • Dogs should not

    They should not because there dogs! Some dogs do not know what they are doing! All the owner should do is take the dog to a dog trainer so the trainer can train it to not bite. Now if the dog kills someone, they should take the dog to a really good trainer.

  • Its not right

    Dogs shouldn't be put down for biting. More then likely the dog was either defending itself or its family be it its dog or human family. If the dog bites someone you should first find out what happened and what the victim did to the dog. 100% of the time the person will say they did nothing to the dog and your beloved pet is crazy. I would never believe that but I had a dog that has bitten and nipped at people but she only did it when that person was threatening her family (me,my brother,mom,dad) she wasn't put down and there was no reason to. Dogs don't attack for no reason unless they are taught to and then u have to look at the owner not the animal. And then try to reteach the dog and get him/her comfortable around people again but not kill it. How would u feel if someone killed u for defending yourself or loved ones

  • No they shouldn't

    Most of the time when dogs bite most of the times it out of self-defense or they are defending their owners or offspring. It's simply in their nature. A dog's bite is equivalent to a humans punch. Why should dogs be killed for something that we do all the time?

  • A life is a life.

    The pets we have come from ancestors of wild animals. Pets are also a luxury. If you can’t afford to train them don’t get one. A dog should not be put down over a single aggressive act. If multiple occasions happen. There has to be a reason. If the dog has been abused or aggressive from the start either try and train it. Or don’t get it in the first place. Nice dogs don’t turn mean and bite unless abused or scared. You killing the dog is just an equal if not worse act of violence then the dog committed. So should you be put down too. Also what makes a animals life less important then a humans. They were here before us will be here long after us. They have brains hearts just like us. The only thing they can’t do we can is speak. And if they could then I’m sure people would feel different about putting one down.

  • The wrong execution

    Dogs should not be executed because of they bite it is because someone is bothering them and all animals have feelings they should get to live a full life animal abuse is to mean killing animals should be punishable by death and I will make sure of this peace out

  • Bad genes, Or self defence?

    Sometimes, A dog is naturally aggressive, Because of bad genes or years of abuse. If that dog would be hard to train to not be aggressive, Then it should be put down.

    However, The dog will bite someone not because it's angry, But because it feels scared or threatened. In the dogs mind, It gave the human a fair warning to back off by growling and baring its teeth, And when the human didn't, It was just doing what it needed to protect itself.
    In this case, It's completely the owners fault for not knowing when to put the dog on a leash and take it away for a time-out.
    The owner should be fined (and possibly have their dog taken to a shelter) but the dog should NOT be killed.

  • No, They Should not.

    They should not be executed because they have rights too. People don't understand the circumstance that may have caused the dog to bite. The individual who wants to execute the dog should not automatically assume that the dog wanted to do it. Unlike humans, They do not get a trial to prove their innocence, They are automatically presumed guilty; therefore they unfortunately have to undergo death.

  • Don't do it

    Whoever said yes to execute dogs has a heart of ice and should go live in jack frost's basement. I can't even imagine how messed up a person would have to be to execute them. Dogs are gentle creatures and only attack if they're threatened or if they are protecting a loved one!

  • Dogs can't communicate with us

    Dogs are animals, They have natural instincts. When their owner is bad and doesn't train them the dog is going to act the only way it knows how. A dog can't use its words to tell you how its feeling. Aggressive dogs can be trained, But I do understand some dogs are too far gone. Dogs need second chances

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Lillylovesanimals says2016-03-21T22:27:49.247
The dogs should not be put down if they bite because a dog
has a life to and it would not be fair just to end it. So lets say
your child bit someone at school would you kill it, NO so
why ruin a dogs life. They usually only bite for protection
and if you were being mean to it. If the dog was in the
street didn't look the best why why I ask would you pet it
just stay away from it. So NO don't kill a dog because people
say we are more important we are the same all lives are important.

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