Should dogs that have bitten someone be executed?

Asked by: lionheartking
  • They aren't worth keeping in a pound.

    A dog's life has no intrinsic worth.
    Keeping dogs in the pound costs a lot of money.
    Having dogs that bite is dangerous to society.
    Killing the dog would solve both negative impacts of bad dogs, and it wouldn't have a downside.
    Therefore we should execute dogs that bite people.

  • If a dogs harasses a human, it should die.

    The worst human is better than the best dog. If a dog bites, barks at, or even makes a human being feel uncomfortable in any way, then they should be put to sleep. I don't care about its background, or anything else for that matter. Aggressive dogs are harmful to humans: so they should be killed.

    We eat chickens, swat flies, and experiment on apes. All for good reasons too. Why not extend this philosophy toward dogs, and pets in general? Because they're cute? Because you say they're just being friendly or protective? That's not very convincing,

  • It depends how severe the injury is and the overall condition of the beast

    Remember many dogs are very dangerous. Bites from pit bulls, rottweilers, dobermans...Etc are dreadful and can be life threatening. Many canines are fierce and unpredictable. If the animal is kept alive after the incident and attacks another person, then this is just adding insult to injury and if the second incident proves fatal this is even worse.

    Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Dogs Are family

    I think dogs should not get put down because they are family and if I was a kid that had a dog I would not want it to get put down because I love my dog and he is my best friend. I would be so sad if my dog had to get put down because i would miss him so much.

  • Dogs lives are just as valuable as human's

    Saying a dog's life has no intrinsic worth is a horrible thing to say. Of course they do! Dogs are wonderful animals with personalities, and everyone has slip-ups. Whether or not the dog should be executed should be circumstancial (was it provoked, was it an isolated incident, was the victim someone the dog knew, etc.) and make a decision that way. But saying *all* dogs who have bit a person just once should be put down is horrible

  • Compare them to humans

    Why should dogs be executed for biting someone? If a human was to assault or harass someone, they aren't executed. It should be the same for dogs. If a dog would bite someone, it would have probably been because the person was invading the comfort zone of the dog and that wouldn't be a good reason to execute a dog if it was just trying to protect itself. Guard dogs bite to guard whatever it is protecting.

  • Dogs are mans best friend

    How, Would you feel if someone killed your best friend for something stupid like biting someone, I can answer that for you unless you are a truly heartless person you would be devastated. So why do that to the animal version of a mans best friend. Animal lives matter just like human lives matter. So if you wouldn't do this to a human why do it to an animal that could be someone's best friend.

  • Dogs shouldn't be put down because they bit someone.

    If a dog does bite someone, Then its the persons fault, They shouldn't have been near the dog, I have a dog and she is a german shorthaired pointer, She had a rough start in her life, And she still feels that pain, She bit a guy because he was in her space and he shoved a rake in her face and harassed her so he deserved to be bitten

  • NO, They are family

    Just because a dog bites someone doesn't mean you have to put it down. The only reason a dog would bite is, It feels threatened or it's trying to protect someone. Dogs just want to be loved not abused and thrown to the curb. If a human gets violent with another human he doesn't get executed he gets thrown in jail and returns to the street later.

  • Dogs should be respected

    Dogs should be respected If every dogs that have bitten someone gets executed, dog haters and animal abusers might take advantage of that and attack dogs for no reason, and giving them no choice but to defend themselves, and those people will use that as an excuse to execute dogs. All animals need to defend themselves, even humans.

  • It's not fair to dogs

    If a person hurts another person the go to jail if the kill some one they go to prison if a dog bites someone they get put down if they kill some one in self defense they still get put down see my point. . . . . . .

  • Dog philosophy 101

    Dogs can’t process good and bad, they don't have the same kind of perception of the human world as us. Dogs have been around for thousands of years, protecting, and serving humans as loyal companions. Over the years they have learned through evolution that they are designed to serve and protect, to justify the needs of the human world, and have learned in exchange, that they will receive a home, and food, and some just don't respect that, they abuse the animal, and this is when a dog becomes angry, it’ll tap into something that they shouldn’t have, an inner instinct. The will to survive, this gives the animal a whole new perspective on the world, it loses its sight of what its suppose to do, and begin doing what is has to do, survive.

  • If it has been provoked no.

    If someone was attempting to steal something from my backyard and my guard dog bit the criminal the dog is not responsible. The criminal is responsible for breaking onto my property on my behalf and the dog is defending its territory/ my property. If a stray dog launches a random attack fair enough get rid of it. It depends on the circumstances.

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