• Dogs should work.

    Dogs should work because they help find trapped and hurt people. Dogs should work because they helped solgers in world wore 1 so why should they stop now ? The work that dogs do is like hide and go seek so it is fun for them.Dogs should work because they help kids with special needs feel comfortable .Nothing can replace the work dogs do.

  • They help police

    Dogs should work because they can Help police. A dog's nose can do what no other human can, they can find a child lost in the wilderness or locate a skier buried in an avalanche. ¨When a person is lost or goes missing a team of Professionals from law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and rescue organizations work together with the community to reunite the missing with their families. Search dog teams are a proven lifesaving resource.¨This is from Sardus a group who use search and rescue dogs Which mean that professionals like them you search dogs to help and save people. Since dogs have a great sense of smell Which is 40 times our sense of smell meaning if they find a piece of clothing from the person they're searching for the dog could find where that smell is coming from End in the end saving the person that is trapped. Overall this is why we should have service dogs to save the lives of humans and animals

  • They should work.

    They can help solve cases, accompany the deaf and blind, and they need to be exercised, and since they lead very short lives, they deserve to help the world as much as they can. Besides, dogs are man's best friend. They could die from being to unhealthy. This is why dogs should work

  • Should dogs work

    They help the police unit find criminals, missing people, and other dangerous objects. They bring the dogs to crime scenes and they help investigate, To see if there was anything dangerous like drugs and alcohol. They also help find evidence like hidden weapons, bullets etc. Police dogs are one of the reasons we have a successful police unit.

  • Dogs should be working.

    I think this because they need to stay healthy and they can't sit around all day eating and get fat. They need to stay healthy and work. They should really exorcise more because many dogs that don't exorcise become unhealthy and could possibly die from not being healthy. This is why I think dogs should work.

  • Dogs are meant to be pets!!!!

    They live short lives compared to humans. They should be allowed to enjoy all of their days. Dogs are meant to be companions, not workers. Service dogs are put under too much stress. Their jobs are not fun. Some service dogs are servants. They do things like opening dresser drawers and pulling their owners' wheelchairs. Servant dogs, such as guide dogs for people who are blind, are
    not put in danger. But police dogs are not as lucky. They face life-and-death situations. While people can choose to put their lives on the line, dogs don't have that choice. In 2001, a police dog was shot and killed by police officers. The dog had caught a person the police were chasing. The police officers didn't realize that the dog was on their side. They thought he was vicious. So they killed him. Weeks before the dog was killed, he had acted as a search-and-rescue dog when the World Trade Center was attacked in New York City.

  • They will get hurt or shot

    It might happen because in should dog work article at the end it said in 2001 a police dog was shot and killed by officers. The dog was chasing the suspect that the officers was trying to catch they thought it was a wiled dog so thats why dog s should not work

  • Dogs should not work

    They could lose the ability to walk. They also. Other people could help the people who are deaf or blind. They have a short lives compared to humans we should stop letting dog do menial labor. They can get chosen with no agreements sometimes they do not get congratulations for there hard work.

  • Poor Dogs...Being the human's scapegoat for affection

    Dogs are neither servants nor pets. They are living creatures and should have a choice on how to live. Humans do not have the right to decide for them and say "Oh...My Rocky loves to get the Newspaper." That is a taught habit. Dogs can be pets but should be allowed to be themselves not crate trained and shut in an apartment, simply because the human was such a loser that there was no other human willing to share affection with them.

  • Because they are meant to be pets

    They are pets and need to be taken care of. They should not work because there are very few jobs that dogs are physically able to do. Dogs have a shorter life span and need to have fun all of their life instead of having a boring life just working with no reward.

  • Dogs aren't like us

    People are just jealous that dogs don't do work but humans do. Also, it is a misconception that dogs are lazy. Dogs actually do work and within a few years of their birth, it hurts for them to move. Also, forcing dogs to work is animal cruelty. They don't have free will like us.

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