Should Dokdo be Korea's land? (If you say no, you mean that it should be Japan's.)

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  • It must be Korea's!

    Maybe I will think like this because I'm Korean. But, I have more reasons.
    First, our Korea knew Dokdo far more earlier. Japan knew that there was Dokdo after Korea knew it.
    Second, in the past, Japan once agreed that Dokdo is Korea's land. But they are know saying that Dokdo is their's. So, I think Dokdo is Korea's land.

  • Dude the answer is easy

    Japnese historians say that dokdo is koreas. And u say its urs im LMAO.
    Yea so if u don't belive ur stupid sorry if i hurt ur feelings. But stil dokdos korea. And hey the its the east sea it does not mean that the ocean is urs you know

  • Korea's Proud Property

    Dokdo has been and will always be Korea's land.

    Dokdo has been Korea's for over 80 years. 80 YEARS. Until Japan comes in and suddenly declares that Dokdo is theirs. Doesn't that sound fishy to you?

    Not only that, there is rock on Dokdo Island with an engraving that says that Dokdo belongs to Korea.

    Isn't that enough to say that Dokdo is Korea's?

    I don't mean no respect for Japan, but I think that they should stop wasting their time trying to prove that Dokdo is theirs. Whatever stories they may tell, there are countless evidences from the past that will prove that Dokdo is Korea's.

  • It should be Koreans

    First of all, it was Korean's since long time ago and Japan also recognized it. Also, a lot of sources described that dokdo is Korean's in both Korean's and Japanese's, and they arguing like that because of resources in Dokdo. Actually, there are a lot of natural resources in Dokdo. You can look this article to know exactly

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