• Yes, I think Dollar General should buy it.

    Yes, I think Dollar General should buy it. I feel that the store has allot of good ways of handling itself and it should be the one. I really like the way Dollar General works right now and i feel they would do a much better job overall. I would love to see the deal.

  • Dollar General buy out

    Yes i do think that Dollar general should just go ahead and buy out the dollar tree and family dollar. They are all great stores. Dollar General already has true dollar prices. They have a all products are a dollar aisle in their stores. It is comparable to the Family Dollar.

  • Dollar Tree Should Buy Family Dollar

    Dollar General has approached Family Dollar with a hostile offer to take over their company. Their offer values Family Dollar stocks at 80 $ a share. Family Dollar is actually selling to Dollar Tree for 75 $ a share. In my opinion, businesses should be run by folks who care about seeing their company to continue to grow even when they are no longer overseeing it. Takeovers should never be hostile and it is clearly important to Family Dollar to avoid selling to Dollar General, even if that means selling at a reduced rate.

  • Dollar Tree would be a good owner.

    Dollar Tree would be a good owner. This is because I am familiar with Dollar Tree in my part of the country. Although I think it would be better for Family Dollar to stay independent, Dollar Tree is a good chain of stores and I think they could help Family Dollar remain competitive on the market.

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