Should dolls without hair be available wherever dolls are sold?

Asked by: hopeannemarie
  • Re-shape the world through our way of thinking

    I think this is an EXCELLENT idea. For all of the obvious reasons, but importantly, to re-shape how we see each other. The media is full of beautiful women with beautiful hair and over the years, it has warped our view of beauty. Having bald dolls will allow children to create their own identity for the doll. Which expands their imaginations. Which will greatly increase how they impact the world as they grow.

  • Making girls feel beautiful.

    Having dolls that are bald can teach girls its not the outside that's beautiful, its whats on the inside. Theres so many reason girls have no hair. To teach kids while their young not to question baldness in any girl or boy, so why not have a doll that's bald be sold next to the doll with hair down to the floor.

  • Diversity in consumerism is key to societal acceptance

    There are many types of women and men in the world and times are changing. Not only do we need to be sensitive to children that may have cancers or other illnesses that cause permanent hair loss; but also to other children who do not have the genetic ability to grow hair. Also, given consideration to the changing times, I am of the opinion that we should teach children to embrace their individual personalities. One way to do that is to have toys and books and shows with images that they can see themselves as. Many of them could be bald regardless of gender.

    I couldn't care less about the profits of another multi billion dollar toy manufacturer in comparison to the self esteem levels of children in the world and our ability to create a nurturing environment for them to live in.

  • Real Life Reflection

    Dolls, as stated in other reviews- should be diverse as people are diverse. Also, it makes a little girl smile if she is able to find a doll that looks similar to her if she is dealing with any number of diseases that result in baldness. The most common of these is cancer. So, YES they should be available, YES they should be produced, and honestly, if you don't like it, buy something else

  • Why wouldn't they be?!

    Things like this baffle me. What is wrong with a doll that has no hair? Are you afraid it will distort Americas view of what beauty is? There are children that need to know that it's okay if you dont have hair, they are just as beautiful as the next child. I support this to happen 100%

  • Being Bald is Okay

    There are many children that are experiencing some sort of illness. I know many of these children feel different and feel that they are not accepted by their peers because of their illness. With cancer, children are isolated while in treatment, home-bound or in the hospital and unable to have normal friendships. When the illness shows itself through side-effects, to people around them, they tend to shy away and may not come around as often. The ill child has to entertain themselves a lot of the time. I feel that promoting and having bald dolls, help the ill child come to terms with being different and feel normal. The sick child may think, since there is a Barbie that is bald, it must be okay. There are Barbie doctors, as well as Doc McStuffins for role models to these young children. A doll that is bald will enforce that it is okay to be bald. This then will boost the child's confidence and self esteem, to where they feel comfortable in their own skin. They can also use the dolls to show their friends that hair loss and baldness is normal and beautiful and not to be scared of the disease.

  • Doll diversity rocks!

    I agree with hopeannemarie, there are bald girls and women all over the world. It is about time we embraced their beauty. Kudos to the toy manufacturers for boosting the self image of hairless girls and women! It is time to realize that women are beautiful in a plethora of ways. Bring on the full figured dolls next!

  • Its okay, to have bald dolls.

    Bald dolls can be sold in market, I don't think it should be a big deal because if the customers are interested they will buy and if not it shouldn't be a problem It is totally their choice. There is no harm in including variety of dolls in market. There are several cartoon characters which are bald so children may be fascinated to buy those.

  • Dolls should be diverse like people

    There is no reason for children not to have the opportunity to play with dolls that reflect the diversity of real people. This includes baldness. Some children do not have hair, so some dolls shouldn't. And the bald dolls should be available in the toy store like all the other dolls because they aren't any different from the other dolls except for not having hair.

  • They are unnecessary

    Baldness in young females is very uncommon, and when it does occur the cure can be readily available so that hair can grow back within 8-12 weeks. Why there seems to be a need for bald dolls seems unnecessary. Why should businesses such as Barbie be told to produce bald dolls? They won't sell well and would cause more harm than good for the business. Also, we should not be encouraging young girls to stay bald as these dolls would suggest. Instead, go see a doctor and cure your baldness.

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liltankjj says2015-12-21T14:02:45.627
Only if the company so wishes to carry them. I don't like forcing people to do anything.