• Meat is unhealthy

    People could die because of eating the meat and they are harming the dolphins for no reason if the meat is not good for you. They have nothing to fear of them, they will not eat people if they leave them alone. The meat has Mercury in it, and is not good for you.

  • Why do people want to kill dolphins?

    Dolphins can save lives people did you know that? I just found out to day but they're still important you know they're living beings too just a different species. They're intelligent too.They love us as much as we love them we should fight to keep them alive who's with me?

  • Dolphins need to be allowed to grow in numbers

    Dolphin hunting should be banned because these animals are a species that has been hunted in the past for the wrong reasons. Dolphins were constantly being caught in fishing nets and consequently dying. This species is just starting to gain a foothold in terms of growing in numbers, so they should not be hunted.

  • Its only half of things

    Dolphin hunting is possibly even less than half of the issue with the dolphin population today, and people might be well to be more conscious of this. Dolphins are often caught in the nets of people trying to fish other kinds of fish, and they are merely a by product.

  • Yes, dolphins are intelligent beings.

    There is absolutely no reason for human beings to hunt dolphins unless they are starving and there is no other food around to eat. A dolphin is a very intelligent animal who seems to have a way of communicating and a civilized and caring culture, so this practice should be banned.

  • There is merit to it.

    No, dolphin hunting should not be banned, because there is no evidence that dolphins are in risk of extinction. There is no reason to ban hunting dolphins but to still allow people to hunt other types of fish. Dolphins seem sympathetic because they look cute, but they are just fish like all other fish.

  • Not hunting it’s lincarnation

    Asian polytheisms incl. Buddhism have completely different views of natures from Christianity.
    We see gods in the nature and all livings. They are what we fear and respect, But not what we rule as Christians think.
    Or we can say, We believe the soul of a dolphin, When we took its life and eat the meat, Becomes a part of our own soul.
    We’re seeing some virtue in this act.

  • Hunting dolphins is fine......for a fine

    As with all wild game hunts, these are sometimes a necessary evil for the survival of a species. Consider wild reserves in South Africa that sanction Lion hunts. These hunts are extremely expensive and present their own challenges that do not guarantee positive results. However, the fees charged for such a hunt pay for the armed guards that keep poachers out, and put up fences to ensure the animals stay where they are protected. Dolphins can fall under the same kind of structure. If someone wants to hunt dolphins, then let them. Just make them pay for the survival of the species.

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