Should domestic violence offenders be prosecuted without the consent of the victims?

  • Victims are too scared to open up, and often end up very damaged and hurt because of it .

    Yes i definitely think this should happen, Domestic abusers usually have alot of control over their victims, and can use threats to stop themselves getting into trouble. Victims are often too afraid of the consequences if they say anything, so yes I think if domestic abuse is shown in the victim's life. Then the abuser should not get away it and should certainly be prosecuted for their actions, mistreating any human is not acceptable behaviour. And they need to pay for what they do wrong

  • Domestic Violence should be prosecuted without the consent of victims.

    We do not expect children who are being abused physically and emotionally to know the situation they are in is wrong and in many cases they don't know any different, and I would count any person in a domestic violent or abusive relationship to be just as vulnerable as that child and needs to be protected if they can not adequately protect themselves.

  • Yes they should.

    Domestic violence offenders should be able to get prosecuted without the consent of the victims. This seems like it would be the best way to get the victim out of that relationship. Yes they may react badly to this, but they are stuck in a mindset that will allow them to get hurt.

  • If there is physical evidence, all domestic violence offenders should be prosecuted.

    Domestic violence is a tricky thing. There are a lot of emotions involved, and
    sometimes an abused victim will refuse to press charges even though there are
    obvious signs of abuse. This is why all
    domestic violence cases should be prosecuted, whether or not the abused victim
    wants to press charges. Implementing
    this policy could save many lives.

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