Should Domesticated Cats Be Allowed Outside Unsupervised?

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  • Domesticated cats should be let outside

    Domesticated cats are very different from dogs. They need independence, They crave independence. Cats need to roam large areas and hunt and explore. There is no way that they will be able to get the freedom they crave if they are being supervised. There is a risk when it comes to cars and streets, But cats are very aware, And many will be able to avoid being hit by cars.

  • In most settings.

    I grew up in a rural area we had a number of cats over the years. Being surrounded by farm fields, They cut down on rodent populations and kept mice from getting in the house. They were not feral but came and went as it suited them.
    Later, I shared a house in a lake town and we had a few cats there too that would leave and enter the house as they wished. One would follow me each time I went to the store till I told it to go back home.
    Today, I live in an apartment complex on the second floor. Each day, Weather permitting, We let them out on the deck to get some fresh air. They love to watch the birds and squirrels and it gives them a view they wouldn't get looking out the window.

  • They Harm The Environment, So Point In Case: No.

    To put it plainly, No. Domesticated cats have been the cause for multiple species extinction due to humans thinking that it is alright to let them outside without any supervision. I've heard the argument "they are animals! They must be outside! " but people seem to forget that they are domesticated animals. Domestic being a key and very important trait in this situation. We have changed cats both physically and mentally in order to suit our needs. These animals are not meant to live in the environments that we have, And by letting them out it puts both them and other creatures in danger. On top of this, Cats have no natural predators and breed insanely fast. Because of this, They destroy the surrounding environment and cause the species that inhabit it to go extinct due to the fact that they hunt for sport, Not food. Some countries actually make it illegal to let your domestic cat outside because of the havoc they have brought! If you don't care about the environment, Then think about your cat. By letting it outside unsupervised you are putting its life at risk. It is being exposed to all sorts of diseases and not to mention human-made machines that your cat could potentially run into, Leading to its demise. If you think your cat really needs to be outside, Then take the extra time to watch over them or just get them a harness! If you are too lazy to do either of those things, Then keep it inside.

  • They poop in my yard

    I used to like cats. Kind of. And then i moved across the street from this old couple who likes to feed stray 'domesticated' cats. We mow our lawn, Weed eat, Plant flowers and guess what? Yard still smells like absolute shit as soon as you walk up because of those damn cats. Oh yeah, And then i though i would get a cute planter for my succulents and guess what? The cats found a new litter box. Keep your f***ing cats inside

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