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  • YES he should be impeached!!

    He is ruining the nation badly. Even his quote "Make america great again!" is incorrect, someone should please let me know if the world/just america was ever great. Also his other quote "The point is you can never be too greedy.", shows that this president should not be in office!

  • He is dumb

    He is the reason we are dying
    he assaults porn stars and women
    he wants to build a wall
    he is a homophobe
    he mocked a disabled
    he has ties with russia
    he appealed the affordable care act
    he will kill our families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • On what basis.

    As many people have stated, while Donald trump is undoubtedbly a terrible president, and poses a serious risk to world peace, being "dangerous" really isnt a crime. We dont judge people by things they might or might not do in a court of law. Because of this there is no legal basis to impeach him.

  • He's is racist

    While Trump has not yet committed a crime, that we know of, during his term of presidency, he is unfit for office. Being Mexican American, I feel very strongly about this, since my family is directly affected. Those who agree with his perspectives and support him clearly aren't negatively affected by his administration. There are people that have been in this country for years, brought here as children, who are being sent back to a country they barely know. Although there were unjust deportations during Obama's presidency, people who were able to remain in this country are now being deported under Trump. Families are being ripped apart and people are dying because of him. People in countries such as Mexico target deportees thinking they have money, and often times, they are killed. People will argue that they should have just entered this country legally, but the US doesn't make it easy for people. People wouldn't have to risk their lives going through the desert if there was a better way. It can take someone up to 10 years to become a citizen. Some people don't have that kind of time. If anyone from America was out in the same situation, they would do the same thing. But people from Finland or Russia can more easily become a citizen. Why do you think that is? What it all comes down to is that there is racism not only in the Trump administration, but in America. To say that immigration laws have nothing to do with the color of someone's skin is naive. Frankly, I am shocked by the amount of people that agree with Trump and support "the wall" and his immigration policies. I would hope that America would be more evolved than that. Which is why, sadly, America isn't going to impeach Trump. Why would they get rid of someone who is making THEIR lives better.

  • Why Did you Even Vote for Him In the First Place

    He wants to Build a wall first off. Then he wants to take all of the schools funding and turn it into tanks missiles and more military stuff. I don't want another world war three I want better school funding for kids, Because there are the unlucky few that can't go to collage. He is also one of the people who don't support climate change. Like most politicians. Also If you people want to get rid of him vote for someone else or you should have voted for Hillary. That's all for now. -Anonymous

  • I mean, He is BAD. Pence is bad too.

    He is bad/ he broke the law. Pence is bad too. But pence isnt mentally deranged. I mean, Really? He has literally split the constitution and the country in half. Several times. More than several times actually. He has said "nasty woman" he hates mexicans, He hates anyone who isnt him or putin. His intrests are only for his buisness and himself. How do you support that? It was proven russia hacked the election.

  • A dangerous precedent

    The GOP is not the only party that elects controversial figures. If Donald Trump was to be impeached without cause it would set a precedent that a media bias or enough faux-outrage can cause a president to be impeached. This would most certainly also be used by the GOP in the future weakening the executive perhaps beyond repair.

  • There is no valid reason.

    Some may say that Donald Trump is a bad president, but there is no valid reason for impeachment. You cannot remove Donald Trump from office simply because some people believe he is a bad President. Even if you believe he is a danger to the well-being of out country, you still can't do anything unless Donald Trump has some sort of medical condition, he resigns, or is assassinated.

  • For what reason?

    Why should he? The people who want him out are overly sensitive people or liberal loyalist. There still has yet to be a legitimate excuse to impeach him. I consider myself one of the few latinos that does not fall for all the b.S. That the media feeds to the latino people to hate our president. If fake news was punishable by time in prison i guarantee real issues in our country would finally be shown to the people of this country.

  • No legal reason.

    You need actual legal reason to remove a president from office. You can't have him removed just because you don't like him. According to his recent physical, he is both mentally and physically able to perform his duties so that can't be used. Even tho the investigation of collusion has lasted over a year, they still have found no evidence. Due to the recent memo release, we are realizing that the closest thing to colluding with the Russians was how the Clinton campaign through Steel, colluded with Russia to make the fake dossier and used the Obama FBI and DOJ help them. This means that the whole investigation could come crashing down.

    I am sure you have heard the phrase "fake media" countless times since Trump started running. Thing is, I became distrustful of the media long before that. One case you may know is that of the Michael Brown shooting. Right after, the press talked to Dorian Johnson who claimed that Brown was shot in the back with his hands up. They also talked to certain other people who claimed Brown was a "gentle giant". Clearly this was the media painting Brown as an innocent kid who was murdered by a racist police officer. Because the police wanted to actually do an investigation before coming to a conclusion. Long before they were able to able to make any statement, much of the public had already convicted the officer and demanded justice. Their words "No Justice, No Peace" showed that the only answer they would ever accept was that the officer was guilty. Funny thing was, the media's best witness, Dorian Johnson, obviously lied about it as none of the bullets entered Browns back. No surprise he lied because Johnson was involved in the strong arm robbery that Brown had committed earlier. So much for Brown being a "gentle giant". Basically, what we saw was the media pushing a false narrative to gain ratings. Good for them, not so good for the innocent officer who not only had to relocate but will never be an officer again. Sure, controversial stories, true or false, may sell a lot of airtime but failure to find the truth first can cause great harm to innocent people. In the Brown case, the added victim was the officer, but smearing our president harms our nation. Because of how the media has portrayed Trump, other countries are not taking him seriously so not taking our country seriously. Some countries refuse to sit with Trump and even the U.N. has opposed us. How does that help? Who does that hurt? Sure, you may not like some of his policies, fine, ask your state rep to oppose them. You may not like him as a president. Fine, then don't vote for him come re-election. Don't like him all you want but don't smear him as you degrade our stance in the world.

  • "Waaaaah he hurts my feelings and isn't who I was rooting for"

    "Enforcing immigration laws like every other country on earth is racist!!! We need more syrian refugees, millions more!! We need to import all 1.8 billion people in poverty around the world to the US!!! Excluding them is racist and fascist!! I won't be happy until everyone is a transsexual lesbian muslim who is obese and handicapped with blue hair!!"
    Stop falling for the media narrative that Trump is somehow worthy to be impeached. It's ignorant. Not one of his executive orders have affected you in the slightest, besides maybe tax cuts. He's doing a great job, especially when it comes to not broadcasting military plans to the world before they're carried out like the last president.

  • He Has Done Nothing Worthy of Impeachment, And He is doing great things.

    Trump has not done one thing impeachable, and he is doing great things for the economy. In fact, many people would say he is the best economical president of the United States yet. Unemployment rate is at an all-time low. The only bad things Trump did were before his Presidency, and you cannot Impeach him for those

  • There is no standing evidence at the moment.

    I would wholly support the impeachment of Mr.Trump if there were empirical evidence at this time to impeach him. The biggest thing I've seen is Trump has fired a district attorney, and 2 FBI investigators, which the executive branch gives him the power to do that. It actually turns out the FBI was for Hillary taking office and fudged her report to make sure she doesn't go to jail.

  • Who is next?

    But there's points in his program which are really valuable. His tax reform may be a good push for the American Economy. Despite all the stuff that are under the iceberg and that all politicians do (interest conflicts bribery etc.) don't think it's not happening with all candidates, politician. I mean even if Hillary had been elected would it be better? She's is just hidding her dirty secrets while trump's one are known by all. If there's an impeachment you will surely win another politician that will use all it's politician tricks to hide all his shenanigans but you may loose someone who had real plans to redress the economy.

  • Accept the outcome of the Election

    Donald J. Trump is a Democratically Elected President, And he has Done most of His promises that he ran on ( Well that congress could agree on) and i don't see the reasons he should be impeached, Its not like hes Conquering a nation or something. Just wait until his term is done at let the election decide.

  • He hasn't been that bad of a president

    While I didn't necessarily want him in particular to become president I think that he hasn't really done that bad of a job. Therefore there's no reason we should impeach him. We have no evidence for him committing any crimes, and he's been primarily been focusing on economic growth and diplomacy. He's definitely not as terrible of a president as some people thought he would be. I think Donald J Trump deserves a chance to serve the rest of his term.

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