• Keeping his word.

    He is the only president that did everything I hoped for and voted for in my life time and then went beyond that.

    Executive order enacted Jan. 1, 2021 requiring hospitals to provide medical prices to patients upfront so they can shop around.
    2. Reversing the ascent of the Islamic extremist terrorist group ISIS.

    3. “Most Favored Nation” executive order so that the U. S. (through Medicare) would pay no more for a drug than what’s offered to foreign countries, Saving the U. S. An estimated “$85 billion in savings over seven years and $30 billion in out-of-pocket costs. ”

    4. Moving the U. S. Embassy in Israel to the capital of Jerusalem.

    5. Building more than 450 miles of new and replacement border wall.

    6. Leading U. S. To a level of energy independence (exporting more oil than importing for the first time in 70 years), Allowing international policy decisions to be made with less regard to how an oil nation we once relied on would respond.

    7. No new wars.

    8. Drastic reduction in regulations, Opening the door for entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed, Expand, And hire more people. According to the Trump administration, They promised to eliminate two regulations for every new one, But actually wound up eliminating 8 old regulations for every 1 new regulation adopted, Equating into an extra $3, 100 a year for the average American household.

    9. Expanding Republican reach among African Americans and other constituents who traditionally lean Democrat.

    10. Cutting taxes in an initiative that benefitted every tax bracket.

    11. Doubled the child tax credit.

    12. Operation Warp Speed: accelerated development of coronavirus vaccines.

    13. Eliminated the Obamacare penalty.

    14. A series of trade agreements and changes seen as beneficial to Americans, Including replacing NAFTA with USMCA.

    15. Instead of 2-for-1, We eliminated 8 old regulations for every 1 new regulation adopted.

    16. Provided the average American household an extra $3, 100 every year.

    17. Started the Space Force.

    18. Instituted “Right to Try, ” allowing terminally ill patients to use potentially lifesaving, Unproven treatments.

    19. Prioritized and made permanent funding for historically black colleges.

    20. Brokered peace deals or normalization agreements between Israel and five Muslim and Arab-Muslim countries.

    21. Banned the teaching of “Critical Race Theory” in the federal government.

    22. Withdrew from Iran nuclear deal.

    23. Withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord.

    24. Instituted a Buy American policy within federal agencies.

    25. Achieved a $400 billion increase in contributions by NATO allies by 2024 with the number of members meeting their minimum obligations doubling.

  • Its already a terrible landmark so why not make it worse

    Reasons mount rush more sucks:
    - they never bothered finishing it
    - it's built on native American land which was protected by American legislation
    - the sculptor was a follower of the KKK
    - the only reason Rosevelt is there is because he was friends with the sculptor
    - created as a tourist trap
    - not that impressive when compared to something like Washington monument
    - and maybe in the future, It will have the face of trump on it

  • I don't know. So I just picked no

    Answer this question in the yes or no section.
    Should Donald Trump be added to Mount Rushmore?
    This is the question
    I think there will be many 'no's.
    Should Donald Trump be added to Mount Rushmore?
    This is the question
    Please answer now
    Answer this question in the yes or no section.
    Should Donald Trump be added to Mount Rushmore?
    This is the question
    I think there will be many 'no's.
    Should Donald Trump be added to Mount Rushmore?
    This is the question
    Please answer now

  • He has no right to be up there.

    The people on Mount Rushmore are far from perfect but they all have reasons to be up there. Washington and Jefferson were important figures in our nations founding. Lincoln kept the country together and freed the slaves. Roosevelt founded the National Parks service. What has Trump done to justify his inclusion there? He's failed to get his border wall built, He nearly got impeached, He couldn't handle a global pandemic and his actions have let to the deaths of thousands. Mount Rushmore already has enough problems but adding Trump's face up there would just be an insult.

  • It is a finish work of art.

    Why don't you make a mona lisa and some guy comes along and wants to paint his wife into your painting. Or sculpt a statue and some man wants to carve his little kid on the side?
    It just does not look good and will alter the work of art.
    Rushmore was made with the face of 4 people. His face will just weaken the mountain and chances are that it will destroyed anyway.
    So he should make a sculpture of himself and put it somewhere else.

    Believe me a lot of weird people would gladly like a giant version of his face in some mountain somewhere.

  • Self possessed bully - worst president ever

    His whole presidency has been a tissue of lies. He has corrupted his own side by bullying them into doing things they should have refused. The ones that didn't follow his will have been sacked. The world is waiting in fear that he will do something terrible before he is ushered away. He should be relieved now as mentally unfit for the job. Where is Pence?

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