• Trump is great

    This is what the people think. " I hate trump because social media told me so." everybody else is going to be weak and wont have the power to back them up. Trump is a badass and he will win the election. For people who say he is going to spend billions in that wall. Well he isn't spending a cent. He is going to make mexico pay for it and if they don't then they don't get the billion dollar ford plant that will be placed in mexico.

  • Yes!!! Bring him in to the White House!

    You can say all you want about him. I am sick of the politician carp that has been going on these past years. I want him to be president because I want to see this country become great again, and I want him to tear down the establishments of both parties!

  • Well let's see

    If we look at the democratic party, we see controversy. Hillary Clinton is accusing Bernie Sanders of "going negative". She is not good for this country of ours. She will be a weak president. Trump has everything to lose if America goes under. Sure he's extreme but he may be needed.


  • He's better than the others.

    To recap, the other options are: A criminal, a socialist, and a bunch of people who don't matter.
    Socialism is bad because it tells the people who are successful that the fruits of their labors will be taken from them and given to someone else. Criminals are bad because they have nothing to lose.
    Trump is good because he has everything to lose if America goes belly-up, which means that it is in his best interest to have an excellent presidency. Here's to eight years of Trump.


    And besides, we're not talking about a african american MALE president, we're talking about a white FEMALE president. And God created Man to lead, NOT women. At least, men also are culturally more responsible for maintaining LEADERSHIP roles, NOT submissive roles necessarily. Also, back in the 1700's they NEVER even let females be president. And THAT was around the time our country was FOUNDED.

  • Trump Last Hope for America

    When it comes to the Federal issues that matter Trump is the most libertarian/conservative candidate.

    If he can get Mexico to build the wall then he will significantly reduce illegal immigration. This will reduce forced associate of incompatible cultures, forced economic support via the welfare state, voter fraud and votes for the Democratic Party which is the de facto party of statism in America. Preventing all that is mandated by the Non-Aggression Principle. There is no other politician that has a stronger policy on immigration than Trump.

    Trump would also refuse to send any weapons to any foreign groups in the Middle East and he will not act against the national sovereignty of the power structures in the Middle East. Trump would also make sure that America's economic interests are being served even in the case of foreign entanglement. For example, he said that we should of claimed ownership of the oil in Iraq as payment for giving the Iraqi people liberty. This would of significantly reduced the cost of the Iraq War and helped out the families of veterans.

    Trump said he is against Common Core and wants to cut the Department of Education. This will significantly increase the liberty of education in this country.

    Trump is also against the tyrannical and unconstitutional Obamacare. Repealing Obamacare is mandated by the Non-Aggression Principle and mandated by the Constitution.

    Trump will also protect us from the Muslims. Trump as long as he is in office will not allow the Islamization of America. He will not neglect us like the politicians in Europe. Europe will be a Muslim controlled continent by 2050 due to Muslims out breeding the native populations. America will still be America as long as Trump and similar politicians are in power.

    Trump also believes in progressive taxation which is opposed to the flat tax policies of his opponents. All taxation is evil but if we have a choice between progressive taxation and a flat tax a progressive tax system would be the lesser of two evils. Stealing 1 million from someone who makes 3 million/year is not as bad as stealing 10,000 from someone who only makes 30,000 a year. The former is a minor act of aggression whereas the latter would significantly impact the lifestyle of that person even threatening their safety.

    Trump has not said whether he would legalize drugs, but he said he would investigate the manner. That means there is at least the possibility he will legalize drugs which would protect personal liberty, free millions of people from prison, and boost the economy.

    Trump is not a bought politician. He is independently wealthy so there is no worry of him being corrupted by money.

    Trump also has never spanked his children. Spanking children is the primordial act of aggression in the world. If we do not spank or abuse our kids they will not grow up to become abusers.

  • Honestly, yes. I think so.

    I did a political test and I got marco rubio, but the thing about donald that I liked about him is how he attacked a problem. Not his solutions in particular, I side with the no if it came down to his solutions as of now. First off, lets start off with who donald is as a person. He is a successful businessman, with a 4 billion net worth. Any billionaire is only worth one thing, and no more than this: noticing him. He obviously was very successful, so to instantly dismiss him isn't optimistic, it is pessimistic. Another thing about donald is that he is a very fast learner, and we have seen much of this in his career, because he didn't know how business worked, and look at him now. When he had gotten to 1 billion, it had been a very short time between the 1 million to then. And he could honestly make politics move faster because he comes with a solution to congress, gets disproven because unconstitutional, he will come with a new solution, that is constitutional, and will have faster solutions. We could get things done. Oh, he also is a good negotiator. And all the comments against him have been biased to a degree.

  • No no no

    He is to emotional, fascist and stupid. He wants to ban all non American Muslims from entering America. So he would not allow a family from say France or England who happened to be Muslim to come here on vacation or to visit family. He would not allow a business man from Turkey to visit. Some of our most important allies in the fight against ISIS are Muslim. What do we say to the citizens of the countries fighting against ISIS? "You're country is helping us fight against ISIS and there is no evidence that you are a terrorist but you are a Muslim so you can't come here". Wouldn't the Muslims fighting against ISIS resent us for that? But Trump dies not think he just says outrageous stuff to appeal to emotion and get attention. I'd vote for Hillary Clinton over him.

  • Well, depends if you are an American or anti-American.

    If you want US to create more problems than it already faces then vote for him.
    1) He is easily fooled. Putin was sarcastic when he called Trump a talant.
    2) He is racist (not a problem if you are white).
    3) He will probably name a state after himself.
    4) Do you really want someone with a mind and vocabulary of a 13-year-old to run the greatest nation in the world.
    That should be enough not to vote for him but apperantly people view politics as reality show.

  • No no no!!!

    I don't remember, but there is something very bad about him. And he is really bad. DON'T TRUST HIM. My dad said that he did something that is bad, and he talks too much. He just doesn't like the sound of his voice. It's so scratchy, and annoying like a vermin.

  • He bad man, he ruin the world.

    The cretinous gibbon known as Donald Trump is little more than an extended version of previous candidates (I like to think of him as Mitt Romney's final form) in the way that, as a huge CEO of several companies, he'd run on of the worlds largest countries like a business.

  • Dump the Trump

    I’d rather see Bill Gates run the White House if this country were to elect a man with lots of money and power. Mr. Gates is much more trustworthy after all the charitable, selfless things he and his wife have accomplished over the years not only for this country but globally. Donald Trump will never be considered a great leader because of his greed, racism, and narcissistic-like behavior. Trump is a just a business man who is only good for cutting deals and buying his way through life. That type of behavior will only drive this nation further into mayhem (or become like the 2006 movie Idiocracy). Trump’s behavior shows (especially on Twitter) what type of person he truly is. His speeches are not genuine, meaningful or promising. Therefore, there would be no hope for the people’s future if Trump were to become President.

  • We will flee to Canada.

    Donald J. Trump is a very uptight man who thinks he is the center of the Universe. His ideas over illegal immigrants are absolutely terrible as he states he will build a "wall" over the border which would cost over his net worth... He insults other candidates who clearly can govern better than him. If the people of the United States actually elect him, we are all going to flee to Canada.
    Don't vote Trump.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo because he is racist and some of my family is not documented

    Donald trump can't be president because he want to take all the family's that are not documented and send too another country that is why he can't be president.He is a bad person and he he is a racist .He is white and he don't like black people ,that is why he don't like Obama ...

  • Is this even a question?

    One of the most biased, hateful, and corrupt fuckgoofs that has ever attempted to run for office. Not only is he disrespectful and belligerent to the media and anyone who opposes him, but do you even listen to him talk? He criticized Jeb Bush's wife for speaking Spanish, telling her to "speak English in America", when he can barely speak English himself. He directly misinterprets any data that he uses. Distorting is an understatement. He criticizes Bernie Sanders while showing almost no understanding for his policies or even marginal taxation. How is this country even considered the land of the free if you aren't allowed to be in this country based off your religious affiliation? He's blatantly an idiot. All you need to do is listen to him talk about anything. Hillary Clinton is a scumbag for sure, but please don't let this happen. We'll all inevitably regret it.

  • Oh gos no

    I live in sweden, i have seen too much of this crap. Trump is crap, and so he shall be pushed down the crap he came from. "a small loan of a millin dollars" what the hell? This man is spoiled and stupid crap, crap crap crap crap crap crap

  • He says he is going to help you but dose not say how he is going to help us

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