Should Donald Trump do more research before calling out people for things?

  • Yes, I think so.

    For example, there’s an unfortunate lack of understanding that interactions across groups can be positive and enrich rather than divide. That’s what people who do live in pretty homogeneous parts of the country just don’t know. They’ve never experienced it. there’s other ways too, from creating local spaces in which people can talk about race issues and air out their fears to more formal public education campaigns. The key to these conversations, though, is empathy.

  • Most certainly and I give a resounding yes

    Our President pro temp has a very long history of of speaking out of turn in saying things without personal or private research. My opinion is based on the definition of "calling out" as being to challenge someone in some way or to put someone on blast.

    Mr. Trump, while widely heard, is not the only one who blasts ideas, people and countless other venues.

  • Yes, Donald Trump should use actual facts before calling people out.

    This rule of thumb applies not only to Donald Trump, but rather to all people. People need to accept the idea that it's difficult to see all sides of an issue if you haven't been presented that perspective in the past, but just because you aren't aware of everything, doesn't make an opposing viewpoint wrong. Empathy and good ol' research are powerful tools.

  • Everyone should, we would have less fake news

    Donald Trump has repeatedly shot from the hip with his mouth and his Twitter account and for every success (see Ford shutting down plans for their newest Mexican plant), he has far too many more failures and insults and groans that go unnoticed. Just Trump being Trump. Time will tell on his results on this approach.

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