Should Donald Trump give up his business ties when he becomes president?

  • Yes, Trump should give up his business ties when he becomes president

    Yes, Trump should give up his business ties when he becomes president. While he claims the president can not have a conflict of interest, it seems obvious that Trump would not make decisions that were against his own personal benefit. That is not the way to govern. He must cut ties even before he becomes president.

  • He doesn't have to, but he should.

    Donald Trump does not have to give up his business ties but for the sake of not looking fishy he should. He has a more than capable daughter who can look over the business while he serves his term as president. Donald doesn't have to give up his business ties but he should to avoid conflict of interest.

  • Can you say 'conflict of interest'?

    Of course he should. With all of his far flung enterprises in so many nations, some with what most of us would call repressive governments, he must. He is the leader of our nation and the emolument clause of the Constitution makes receiving any benefit from a foreign power illegal. He's already getting foreign dignitaries staying in his hotel in Washington to get in good with the future President and he's not even inaugurated yet. What happens then? How will he disentangle himself when one of his projects needs government approval in a foreign nation? Way too many others to detail here but I think that says it all.

  • Of course he should

    He should definitely give up his businesses to his sons and focus more on the problems of the state more. He should also get out there and involve and speak with the people and know their problems. As a good president he should definitely consider giving up his business though it is his choice.

  • He should, though he shouldn't have to.

    I would be firmly against a position that insists the head of state give up his rights. However, the risk of conflict of interest is too great while possessing the business interests he does. Donald Trump should choose to give up his businesses for the sake of avoiding conflict of interest.

  • Trump should not have to give up his business ties as President

    Trump's business ties and investments should be put in a blind trust, or turned over to his children, while he is President. Trump is a very successful businessman and it is not fair to him to have to give up what he has worked his entire life to achieve. Other Presidents have put their businesses on hold while serving, and Trump can do the same.

  • Trump should not give up his business ties when he becomes president.

    The fact that Donald Trump had a myriad of business interests and holdings around the world was well known by the voters. The voters still elected him president. Accordingly, that fact was figured into the collective analysis of the 100 million plus voters. Forcing Mr. Trump to divest is not only unnecessary it is against the collective will of the people.

  • He is a person, too.

    There are lots of politicians who hang on to side businesses when they hold political office. This is especially true in small locations where the public office only operates on a small scale, or doesn't pay at all. A person doesn't give up their right to own and manage property just because they hold office.

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