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  • He should be allowed.

    Trump has made several promises in his campaign that benefits the poorer sections of the Americans. His personal style of mocking at others, is mere campaign tactics. Overall he proved to be promising in his approach to make America great again. As a citizen of US, he has every right to contest for the position of President.

  • As much as I dislike him, there's not much we can do

    I am disgusted with Donald Trump and his campaign. I shudder at the thought of him actually having supporters - and lots of them! I cannot fathom how people might feel that he is a good person, let alone would make a good president. However, our country has been built on an electoral system where the best (??) candidate wins. There are certain legal aspects that must be considered, but as far as I know, there is nothing legally barring Trump from being president. If he were to garner enough support, there is nothing we can do to stop him so long as he stays within the legal guidelines to lead this country.

  • He shouldn't be president, but the election results should be honored

    I do not want to see him win and will be very disappointed if he does. I do not think he would make a good president, especially in a time of crisis. However, if he does win the election, he should not be somehow stripped of his title unless it's either proven that he does not meet all of the requirements outlined in the US Constitution or that he has been convicted of a crime, or if, later in the presidency, his actions cause him to be impeached.

  • There are probably no laws that can stop him from being president

    As awful as I think Donald Trump would be as president, it seems like he is able to be president, if elected. He meets all of the requirements, so unless something changes by the time of the election, he should be allowed to become president if he is voted in.

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