• yes, of course.

    Why won't Trump release his returns? What's he hiding and afraid of and republicans defend this rich windbag? We've learned Trump owes the Bank of China a billion dollars. How much does he owe Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia? Con Man will never release his returns as it would be fatal to his campaign.

  • Yes, like immediately

    Why on earth would he not want to release a tax return. He said he would several years ago and if any presidential candidate refused to do so then there must be something wrong. I completely agree with Donald On that one. So what's the problem? Show and prove how a man of your word you are Donald. Let us see how truly you are in business.

  • No, I do not think Trumpshould release his returns unless Hillary releases her emails.

    He is under no legal obligation to do so - she, however is. Releasing tax returns opens candidates up to too much speculation and scrutiny and discourages otherwise good candidates from seeking office. Perhaps that is why we always have such awful choices each election. The media wants to expose people for using the tax laws to their advantage and people want to criticize those who do not donate enough to charity, but we have no right since accountants generally prepare the returns and are paid to take advantage of every legal means to reducing the client's tax liability. Can you imagine the outyrage if Trump paid no taxes, even if he was legally entitled not to? Perhaps an independent authority should examine them for conflicts of interest, but the information they contain should remain private.

  • He's not legally obligated

    Although it is a tradition that presidential candidates (and others running for high office) release their tax returns as a sign of transparency, there is no legal compulsion to do so. This entire campaign season Trump has set fire to the "accepted" way to run for office, and not releasing his tax returns is simply another way he does that and keeps people talking about him. I don't see the benefit to Trump if he rolls over on this issue.

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