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  • NO way. If he runs for office he will split the country and it will be in like the young adults trilogy "Legend"

    The best Trump can do is yell at people about not getting him a proper cup of coffee. While one of his kids is his vice president. They will send our country into turmoil. As I said in this will be like "Legend" where there are two countries in America fighting for control of the whole country. He will be the worst president in the history of the world.

  • Of course not!

    He is a terrible businessman whose business has suffered severe bankruptcies seven times. We cannot afford to have a president that cannot even run a business right! Also, Trump talks about how he loves handing out (and shipping away) copies of the 'The good book' (Bible). I feel that he is an out of control religious talker, he may try to oppress the nation of its religious rights! He is also a radical Conservative, meaning he is obviously not supportive of gay rights or freedoms. Trump might pour out the old Trickle Down Economy tactics that only work when used by an actual politician. As far as I am concerned, Trump is just a big joke with a wig.

    Donald Trump has owned up to his dollars with his big Corporal Businesses, but his 'Trump Dollars' really don't come from his own successes, but his illegal scandals. If some of us recall, Trump supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election and expressed some of his political agreements with Mitt. He spoke of how he had similar political ideals and how they were both Conservative, but Trump doesn't know the first thing about politics--nor business.

    Let's look at Trump's education. When it comes to business, Trump falters in keeping his employees paid well and in running the business's money supply. And yet he still manages to be a billionaire with way too much money to spend. How? Well, he's obviously using scandals like Bain Capital (where Mitt Romney used to work). Trump keeps all of the money for himself and then distributes odds and ends to his corporal employees. And yet they manage to buy $900 suits? The truth is, those are either hand-me-downs or just reused suits. Trump is a scandalous billionaire, he'd just be another Richard Nixon. Again, Trump is not a smart choice, he's a joke with a wig.

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Adam2 says2014-01-23T18:06:10.857
Ehh indifferent to him