• What are the alternatives?

    Ocasio Cortez? Pelosi, Schiff, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary? Socialism, Massive wealth redistribution, Free college until college is worthless, Forced diversity, A merit-less system that is designed around identity politics, No gun rights, No self defense rights, Murders and rapist get out of prison early due to feelings and cultural relativism, No due process for men accused of domestic violence and/or rape, Barriers to entering the market place with your own business, Business regulations designed to screw over the middle class and/or new competitors to the billionaires (yes your socialism just consolidate power into fewer hands creating real monopolies/duopolies). I don't want any of those things, So hell yes I want Trump to win in 2020!

  • He's the alpha male of the united states

    He's the superior male in the entire country. He doesn't give a shit about what he says or does. He wants to build that mf wall to keep them illegals out. If you don't like him then leave this country because he's my dad and i love him forever <3. Praise daddy trump. !

  • Better than the other candidates

    He may not be the best president but compared to his fellow candidates he is the lesser of two evils. Always remember to Make America Great Again and Build a wall. God Bless the United States of America and her territories. Remember Monika Lewinsky k k k k k k

  • Yeah for sure

    Against hillary i would say yes. I can't say i love the guy but he certainly meets more of the needs of america than hillary. Its really just a matter of what candidate the dems pull out in 2020. So uh yeah lets get the rest of the required text.

  • Trump for 2020

    Donald has a fast car. He could run again, But he should just drive it would be faster. He will win. Hillary kills people who she doesn't like. Her husband was impeached. Why vote in the wife of someone who was impeached, You might have no common sense. We need more guns. Britain is trying to take them again.

  • I just think he's better than Hillary.

    I don't actually think he's better than Hillary Cinton, I know he is. Plus I left out the L in her name because she took it on Nov. 8th. Always remember to Make America Great Again and Build a wall. God Bless the United States of America and her territories.

  • What's the alternative to him?

    I think his intentions are good, He is an experienced businessman, A little bit crazy like we all are, But not the bad guy his enemies want to make us believe.
    His best job was to bring the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Jerusalem always was the capital of the jews and Trump showed them that they have a friend in the United States.
    I wish he would be the head of Germany and then Merkel could be thrown on the ash heap of history.

  • The next election is coming up.

    Impeachment is a complicated process. Many things have to go a certain way for a president to be impeached. The next election is coming up, Which means we may not necessarily have Trump much longer. Another thing is that if another country sees that the United States is currently getting rid of it's current leader, They may try something. This may not be necessarily a direct attack against America, But it also might be something very bad.

  • Yes he should.

    Trump is not racist because radical democrats are lying about him. Trump is doing what is right for his country and no other president has done. Trump knows what he is doing, He has the balls and the guts to speak out against the insanity of the democrats, Radicals and ofc snowflake tbgl.

  • A president that relates to the common man

    I myself am a moderate. I was truly afraid of trump back in 3016, But I have seen him work his magic. His alpha male status has made the USA feared again. Economy is doing great! And he has revitizated a forgotten patriotism in middle America. He will win in 2020

  • Pretty Pathetic So Far

    For a US president, Trump has been a disappointment. He kisses Dictators asses, Is rude to our allies, And is secretly for more Gun Control Measures. Even when he speaks, One can tell that he is not intelligent and does not know what he is doing. Hopefully he will improve, But the World needs a better leader.

  • Trump is trash

    Trump is uneducated, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, And ableist. He also doesn’t care about low incoming families he only caters to privileged, Straight, Able, Cisgender white men! He also sexualizes his own daughter and doesn’t care at all about climate change and kids in cages. Honestly the worst president we ever had

  • Honestly, No no no

    I have nothing against Trump he's trying his best, But all of this with the way, And everything else, He's a kind of bad president. He doesn't make sense sometimes to me and honestly I just don't get him. He just a bad leader. He makes Bad decisions gets into arguments won't admit when he's wrong and is just. . . . . .

  • No, No, And no.

    Yes, I know Hillary was not as great as Trump, But Trump has been very rude to people based on their religion, Or skin color. Poor children have been separated from family because Trump separates Mexican families. Trump should also never be building a wall, Just to keep out others. It should be a free country! Trump should not have the right to be doing this horrible thing to others. Also, I found out the democrat wants Trump to be impeached, But they don't have the right evidence to do so. So in conclusion, Trump should not stay as president.

  • He is making the wall keep America together

    We need to be together! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • He is crap

    He practically is a wall that you can't get past. He practically is a wall that you can't get past. He practically is a wall that you can't get past. He practically is a wall that you can't get past. He practically is a wall that you can't get past.

  • He shut down the government.

    He shut down the government just to get his way and build a stupid wall I don't se him building a wall in Canada just because immigrants want a better life and go to America doesn't mean he should build a wall and he refuses to open the govern meant and walked out of a meeting because they didn't let him get his way.

  • Is this a trick question?

    Trump was never meant to be a politician; his overinflated ego gets in the way of everything and he is too blunt for politics. He is president because of the electoral college(which should be abolished), Not because he won the popular vote. He got 3 million less votes than Hillary. I’m finishing on a personal note: not only is he unworthy of the White House, He is unworthy of being a citizen of this country.

  • Literally any other Republican is better

    Trump is not mentally stable. He is a lying bully who denies reality and advances the interests of dictators while ruining relations with out allies. In contrast other Republican candidates like Kasich, Rubio, Even Jeb Bush could have run the country competently. So yes there are plenty of alternatives even if you are a Republican.

  • No, No, No, NO

    I can't believe all you people who said you liked Trump or liked him more than Hillary. He is an uneducated Hypocrite, Sexist, Racist, And stupid. You are just as stupid as him if you like him. Also, If you do like him, You are also probably racist and sexist.

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ladiesman says2019-01-10T03:08:40.090
In the most recent Trump incident, He walked out of a Situation Room meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer after Nancy refused to fund his border wall in exchange for Trump ending the shutdown. After Nancy turned down his demand, He retorted with “We have nothing left to discuss” and left the room. Afterwards, He posted a tweet saying the meeting was a “waste of time”. If that’s not conduct unbecoming of the presidency, Then I don’t know what is. His temperament makes him an embarrassment to this country. For a man in his 70s, He behaves like a middle school bully.
ladiesman says2019-02-03T04:06:52.907
Trump is now complaining he is making less money being president. He had to put several business deals on hold. If he wants to go back to making as much money as he used to, Then he should resign the presidency. He'd be doing this country, And the world a favor by leaving the White House.

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