• She is a promising pick.

    Betsy DeVos cares a lot about people. She has a long history of volunteering in the schools, and she has even been a mentor to some children out of the goodness of her heart. She will make necessary changes in education. The establishment has protected the teachers at the expense of the kids.

  • Donald Trump should stick with Betsy DeVos as his cabinet pick

    Donald Trump should stick with Betsy DeVos as his cabinet pick and not back down to the clear partisan badgering that she has received from the nomination committee. Trump does not back down from anyone so I really do not think that DeVos is going anywhere. She will be confirmed.

  • It would be wise of him not to do so.

    I was surprised that someone as inexperienced as DeVos was given such an important post. Then I read about how much her family and her in-laws gave to the Republican Party and it made shocking sense. DeVos will turn the Education department into a swamp, Trump should stick to his campaign promises and choose someone better.

  • No, I don`think so.

    Home schooling does not provide a well rounded education. Another thing not addressed is the failure of home schooling to aid in a child's interaction with other children and social skills. Home schooling is a disserve to children. Trump will destroy the educational system. This choice for Sec of Edu is the worst. A woman whose elitist upbringing kept her from EVER attending a public school.

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