Should Donald Trump's comments about Captain Khan be offensive to everyone?

  • Yes, disrespecting Gold Star families is disresting America

    When running to be Commander and Chief of this nation, it is imperative to know the sacrifices made by military members and military families. When Donald Trump equates their sacrifices to making money and building buildings, he shows disrespect to those sacrifices as well as prove that he lacks the empathy to be President of this nation. The fact that Trump is ignorant of the Muslim faith and projects falsehoods on the Kahn family is offensive to all people of faith and non-faith.

  • Yes, they should.

    Trump was rude an offensive to a Muslim man who lost his son, and further offensive by slandering his wife, because she chose not to speak. There is not a person on this planet who should not be offended by the things that Trump said about Captian Khan and his parents.

  • It's about empathy

    Yes, Donald Trump's comments about Captain Khan and his family should be offensive to everyone. His words were deplorable, but the greater concern is the attitude that goes with it. A family who has lost a loved one, and a veteran at that, deserves sympathy, empathy, and respect. If a person is unable to show these at a critical moment such as this, it says a whole lot about their character, and as a result, their ability to lead.

  • Trump has a right to express his views on all subjects

    Both sides of the presidential election make comments that are offensive to some. People opposed to Donald Trump are going to find something offensive in anything he says. The say is true for those people who dislike Hillary Clinton. They will find something to dislike about her comments. It is just political.

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