• Yes, they are hurting a lot of people.

    Those who dope are breaking the law to begin with along with hurting themselves and their families. Those who dope in professional sports are committing fraud, too, because they are lying to the public. A lot rides on some games for many different people and those who cheat are hurting others.

  • Yes, but no a significant time.

    When a pro athlete is caught doping, he or she is making every fan of the worldwide of sports, not just that individual sport, upset. Doping should contain the punishment of jail, but the jail time should not be a very long time at all. They need to learn their lesson.

  • Yes, dopers in pro sports should be jailed.

    When players sign a contract, they sign a contract agreeing that they will not break the rules within the documents they are signing. A player who is caught doping in any professional sports should not only pay a fine, they should also be jailed. They are committing an act of fraud when they are cheating by doping.

  • It's not a crime.

    No, dopers in professional sports should not be jailed, because what they have done is against their society and their fans, but it is not a matter of public interests. Dopers have a civil matter against their employers, but it is not something that the public needs to ban, because it is not a public issue. The government is not involved.

  • No I don't believe Dopers in professional sports should be jailed.

    I believe athletes in the professional leagues are under a huge amount of pressure and stress from many different directions and sometimes they will do anything to succeed. I don't believe that jail is necessary for someone who makes a mistake and decides to use performance enhances, I do believe they should be barred from the sport for life though.

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