• Music is about art not profit

    Musician are artist. Artist do not work for money they work for the enjoyment of others. As Beyonce Knowles stated "[m]y focus is my art, and that's what I love to do. I have to be really passionate in order to do something. I've turned down many things that I just didn't believe in" making music for profit has ruined the art.

  • Download music should definitely be legal

    Yes, downloading music online should definitely be legal, not illegally because there is nothing wrong with downloading music online. Buying music is expensive and people can still download the same music without paying, which is just flat out awesome. Therefore, i think downloading music online should definitely be legal, not illegally.

  • Yes, downloading free music should legal.

    The signer do not get a lot of the money CD's produce. All the money goes to the record company's. If CD's were free that would give the artist free exposure. More people will come to concerts and buy other things such as: t-shirts, bags, posters, other little things. The only people who are affected by downloading music is the record companies.

  • Yes, but only the rich musicians music

    The average money a musician makes on the median is about $38,000 per year. That is still not a lot. Once a musician hits a level of notoriety and makes more money than a predetermined amount, their music should be free for download.

    As for the famous millionaire musicians, I think that if I can listen to it for free on the radio, if I can hear it playing and "record it with my mind," that there should be nothing wrong with me downloading it for free.

    There are many arguments that can be made against these type of free downloads, but the truth is staring us in the face and most of us, including stars, are BLIND.

    Let's go back in time. Musicians who made a living off their music weren't rich, even some of the famous ones. They shared their vocals with the world and made almost nothing. Fast forward to 2015. You have these greedy pop-stars who make a fortune in the industry to include in things OTHER than their music, just based off of their fame, such as commercials and talk shows, and then they want to argue that they are losing money when people download their music illegally.

    Ok, so you are already a millionaire or double digit millionaire and you have lost another couple million from illegal downloads... Does anyone else see this? You already have MILLIONS and you are complaining about people who make thousands, IF THAT, downloading your music for free. These millionaire musicians aren't losing anything! What can you possibly do with another 2 million you "lost" that you can't with the other millions you already have?

    If downloading music for free is made legal there needs to be some criteria put to it to protect the poorer musician, but once you have achieved a higher income status, that should go out the window...PERIOD.

  • Yes, music should be free to download and legal to download. Music helps with so much in a persons life!

    Music can help cope with almost anything, from stress to Loosing someone you care about or just finishing work. Its not like listening to music will hurt anyone unless its too loud. SO why does it cost money to download and why is it ilegal to download without paying. We all should be able to use are ears freely

  • An Odd and almost sick Double-Standard Applies to Music

    The online world has an unusual and sick obsession with the rights and entitlement to "free" music. This entitlement would never be applied to physical property, labour or merchandise as the consequences of stealing/taking such items without permission is obvious. People download music for free simply because they can get away with it, whereas stealing a car would have consequences. Food is expensive, so should it not be free to everyone as it is a necessity? Furthermore, the advocates of free music for all are quick to bemoan the evil wealth of those few musicians at the top, but would accept or celebrate the wealth of those corporations and individuals who derive benefit from the control of the supply of the essentials of life for the population - that's o.K. In many of their books (or billions made running something like Facebook). Most Musicians already offer a great deal of their music for free to download (which is of course legal). As a musician (composer) myself, I am not required to give you my creation for free because you feel you are entitled to it any more than I am required to give you my car or my house because you feel a similar sense of entitlement. I personally do not need to download music illegally because I have talent and can create my own music that I enjoy listening to. Those pathetic humans who have no talent and no worth are usually the most desperate to possess what they themselves cannot create or have. That is one of the sickest and most vile human traits that regrettably persists from our earliest tribal ancestors. Those who can create, those who can't take.

  • Don't legalize this trend

    I wouldn't mind being a freeloader and saying "Yes" to free music, but ultimately I say no. If an artist or band willingly gives out music for free download, that's on them. I don't feel it would be good for independent musicians unless they were given some type of compensation for people listening and downloading their music. It's easy for pop stars like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but bands that are not signed to major labels could have a harder time reaping the benefits of having their music released in that form (ie: smaller, lesser-known groups couldn't bring in enough royalties). I know some that work regular jobs along with having their music career on the side. Heck, I've seen some bands releasing their own merchandise independently just to make ends meat. I guess my whole point is that unless bands are getting compensated for their work, it's not worth legalizing a bad trend.

    Posted by: S.K
  • I think should be illegalise.

    In my opinion,I think that downloding free music is okay as long as u just download it on ur phone.I agree that musician have copy right but they can still let thier fan or someone who want to heard their music in free.Musician can earn from concert or album.If the music still need to pay for download,I dont think that will be a lot of people will listen to their music.I think downloading music for free is okay,and if the musician have good music then i think i will paid somehow but not all the music.

  • Heavens No! Show Some Respect!

    I've noticed something all too common nowadays, that being the mentality that it's a crime only if you're caught. A lot of people pirate music these days, and I think that it shouldn't be legalized simply because these artists work hard for their art and deserve the money that people pay for the art.

  • I Say No without a Doubt in my Mind

    Anyone that plays an instrument and creates their own content would know that this is completely unacceptable and out of the question. I play guitar, drums, and bass. I am the bassist for a metal band. We are not a cover band. We create our own content. It takes a ridiculous amount of effort and illegally downloading is a sign of disrespect to the artist. Just watch Metallica's case against Napster. Obviously, since we aren't popular, we will post for free on the Internet and gain popularity, but my example was more for reference.

  • If you want free music, make your own. And stop thinking you're entitled to what's not yours.

    It is ridiculous to ask musicians, whose livelihoods depend on the music they create/perform, to give away their works for free. This is the same as asking any worker providing a service to give it away for free and that doesn't happen. If musicians must give their music away for free then electricians must fix for free, barbers must cut hair for free, Apple must give away Iphones for free and authors must give away books for free. Just because you feel you want it doesn't me you deserve it. People need to grow up and face the fact that they must pay for things if they want them. It doesn't matter how much the musician makes, the music is his sweat and blood and you have not right to it without paying.

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