• No, downloading should not be illegal

    Downloading music from the internet should not be illegal. Artists and their labels make plenty of money off of concerts, tshirts, etc, losing a few extra dollars because of someone downloaded a song instead of buying it will not break them. Odds are, the people downloading the music had no intention of ever buying the CD in the first place. They downloaded it because it was available to them, if it wasn't, they would have never bought it and the artist would be missing that extra dollar and a possible new fan.

  • Yes it should be illegal.

    Because it is not nice to steal the peoples who make these movies money because if you don't pay for it they won't get paid and they will go bankrupt and then there will be no more movies because they went bankrupt and no one will want to make movies because you get no money.

  • Imagine stealing cheese from the deli.

    That is what you are doing. Just with music. And now the person who made that massive block of cheese isn't getting payed for it. The person who just made that awesome piece of music isn't getting payed for it. You see where I am going?

    People who steal music from artists usually don't steal from shops, so why steal from your computer? Because they feel safe behind their computer, where there isn't cameras to watch them steal things. While that artist is sitting about wondering how he's going to pay the bills, you are sitting rocking your head to this awesome music enjoying it.

    It's really mean, and in the end you don't even get more music because the person who you stole from can't make anymore, because they don't have enough moneys. Don't steal cheese either. :)

  • Christian view of illegal downloading

    Illegal downloading should be illegal because the fact that it is destroying our way of life as christian believers. Downloading is just a big word for stealing, so really people are stealing music off the internet because they don't want to go out and buy the music in the stores.

  • Downloading free music should be allowed

    Downloading free music should be allowed. Have you thought of the poor people yet? No of course you haven't they cant pay for this expensive music. THINK OF THE POOR! And plus the band still makes a lot of money even without making there music expensive. Don`t be selfish! Downloading music for free is good!

  • Put yourself in the artist's shoes

    Downloading music without paying is just like stealing. People use the excuse that "it's just a couple of dollars, but multiple two or three dollars by 4,000+ downloads; that is a lot of money that belongs to the hard-working artist and others who helped record and publish the song. Thousands and even millions of dollars are stolen from hard working people, including the artist. How would you like it if people were stealing thousands of dollars from you?

  • Yes, it's morally wrong and it's already wrong.

    Why should the law change to suit a group of people who don't want to spend money on paying for the music that artists spend hours on hours developing for your comfort?

    If you think downloading music should be illegal, you're wrong!

    The artists that make music spend their money and time to make the music that you enjoy listening to, so, why should that have to change?

    As other people have stated, some artists depend on the income of the sales from selling their music to create music in the future and provide for their families.

    If you simply don't want to spend money on the music that you want to listen to, you shouldn't listen to it.

    Music isn't essential so if you can't afford it, don't listen to it.

  • Art Has a Price

    Artist spend hours and hours making music for other people to hear, and they want to have a profession doing what they like. Just because you don't want to pay for and respect music doesn't mean that you should get to go unpunished for stealing their art.

    Imagine you're an artist and someone steals your beautiful painting (worth thousand of dollars), because for some dumb reason they don't believe your art is worth anything. What you're telling musicians when you steal their music is that their art is worth absolutely nothing.

    If you're stealing music and downloading it illegally, then you might as well go burn down museum.

  • Is this even a question?

    I don't understand how this is even a question. If you did not make it and you get it for free, is that not stealing? So then how is it okay? Last I checked if you stole something, it is wrong. I guess we have fallen so far as a society that everything is okay and we don't care about stealing.

  • Yes it should be illegal.

    Downloading music on the internet should be illegal because the artist isn't getting paid for the hard word he/she has put out for. If people actually purchase the music, more money would be circulating in the economy, which can only help raise us from our huge debt. Thank you for your time

  • Where the money actually goes.

    A 9.99$ purchase from iTunes nets the artist 0.94 cents. Itunes gets 3.70$ and the record company gets 5.35$. A musician needs to sell 12,399 songs on iTunes a month to make the wages of a McDonalds employee. That is .09 cents for each individual song. Streaming music instead? Listeners on Spotify would have to stream a song 4,053,110 times for an artist to earn a salary equal to minimum wage.

  • Nothing you can really do about it, no ones else is that I see.

    The government knows we're doing it, but they aren't busting down my door as soon as I click the download button. And the way I see it, not everyone can just walk into the store to buy an album just to get two songs off of it. Plus, in the end, iTunes makes you spend a lot also. You don't see the artists flipping out because people are downloading their songs for free. I bet they get lots more money from concerts and items (t-shirts, etc.). And you can't just go and arrest the people who do download illegally, you'd need to put a prison on the moon to fit them all.

  • No.

    If music downloads became illegal, we would have to buy CDs instead, and important businesses like iTunes and the mp3 section of Amazon would be shut down. CDs are already almost obsolete, and there's no reason to make music downloads illegal. It's even convenient since you can easily find different music, you can buy single songs instead of an entire album, and it's impossible for things to sell out, unlike physical CDs. The government has no business telling us what we can download anyway.

  • Accessibility to download generates revenue

    Downloading music should not be illegal. So many people discover artists through the free music they've gotten on the internet! Technology has gotten to the point that artists can't prevent their music from being uploaded, downloaded and exchanged. If those downloading music get it for free, they are much more likely to attend concerts, buy merchandise and support the artists in other ways. The recording industry has made purchasing music legally very expensive. Artists should give their music away with purchases of merchandise, or allow for people to pay what they feel the music is worth, if they are concerned about profit loss.

  • You can't stop illegal downloading.

    It's like Prohibition in the 20's and 30's; people will find a way around it. You can't quell human ingenuity without total brainwashing or government control. There are so many people in the world now that oppose legislation to put harsher controls on internet downloading,'s impossible to stop.

  • NO. Downloading Movies & Music Should NOT Be Illegal!

    The government only prints a certain amount of money and most of this money doesn't go to the common man, it goes to billionaire companies and corporations. How is it fair, scratch that, life obviously ISN'T fair, but how is it LEGAL that a few billionaires pull stupid stunts that mess up the Earth even more, but we still have homeless people and starving children in the world? They have a big enough slice of the cake, they can afford to lose a few crumbs.

  • No Way!

    No, downloading music should not be illegal. The way music is made available to the public has changed drastically. In the days when vinyl records were the popular format, record companies made huge profits recording and releasing music. As technology and the Internet advanced, music went to CD’s then mp3. The change to CD’s made huge dents in the record company’s profits and the move to mp3 has affected them even more. Record companies would probably like to see downloading made illegal, but it is not likely to happen. Most music now days is downloaded from the Internet. This won’t change unless something drastic happens to the Internet.

  • There are so many other things similar to this.

    Why is it that only downloading music is illegal, if we cant download the music we want, why can you take pictures off of websites and Google,in reality that is plagiarism. By downloading music is in fact not plagiarism, it tells us the date and author, does your pictures? Hmm

  • No downloading music should not be illegal.

    Many people just buy albums and things. Theres a better way to get the songs you want without having to pay anything. Downloading music might shut down industries and famous music stores, but think to yourself; do we really need those industries and music stores. You would think many people would side against me if i'm wrong, but even i don't buy any albums because if you want to hear a song or the whole album you could just go to Youtube and find every music video and album you want to hear. People just waste their money when they buy albums for lets say One direction when you could just get all the music you want from the internet. Nowadays, since theres so much technology, people don't really care THAT much about if you download anything from the internet that is illegal. Unless you get caught. This also goes for movies. Many people, including I, download movies from the internet.. Except that i dont do it illegally. Theres just no point in going and buying the movie because you only need to watch that movie once. So do you really think that downloading music should be illegal?

  • There is no way it should be made illegal.

    It is kind of impossible to be made illegal. If you wanted movie and music downloading to be illegal you would have to shut down the internet because piracy has already gone worldwide. Let's say the new Iron Man comes out in Canada May 4th and in Japan it comes out December 21, the country of Japan would have already uploaded it so Canada people can download it.

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