• It definitely should.

    It's not fair to the artist if people download music for free. It costs a crapton of money to produce that song, and giving it away for free is a waste of time and money. I think the artists should definitely recieve credit for their hard work. I feel that this also applies to apps, that the people who produce the apps should at least get a little something out of the time they invest in making apps for people everywhere to enjoy.

  • Making music cost money.

    I think downloading music for free shuold be illegal because its not fair to record companies. There more to music then just instruments and singer. Creating a music involves lots of investing for music companies. And if we get music for free then these companies might go out of business and we won't any music at all.

  • Yes, downloading music for free should be illegal.

    Downloading music for free should be illegal because artists lose a lot of money when the music that they create is not paid for. When a song or album is downloaded, then the person that downloaded it is not likely to ever buy the music. If everyone downloaded music for free, the artists would never make any money.

  • Oh Hell NO!

    It's been going on for so damn long that the major record labels still have their panties all up in a bunch over it (Awe... Poor You!). I still think they are all delusional an stuck in their old ways. Wake up! The Majority of music listeners don't invest in full albums much anymore. Physical copies have been falling by the wayside for quite sometime now and if it's digitally free it's for me an everybody!... Now that I'm done with that rant... Lol... I shall continue...

    Since digital files are data (which can be copied to infinity and beyond), ideally should not come with a price tag attached, other than the Internet / Wifi monthly subscription price tag we all have no other choice but to subscribe to and invest in. As if getting $100 from us monthly wasn't enough already (greedy pr*cks!).

    Major Studios in reality should be blaming electronics manufacturers for developing such capable audio devices that allowed the recording / playing of music in bootleg form in the first place. It's not a consumer's fault that we have the technology to rip, record, download, copy, and share digitally stored music! If anything, where they messed up on their potential reoccurring revenue stream is by offering music in offline physical formats and offering capable audio players / recorders that could rip audio from such formats in the beginning. Even cassette players enabled us to record songs off of the radio (for crying out loud!). Because if you think about it. Had you only ever been able to hear music play on the radio. An there were never any home / portable audio devices capable of playing anything other than the radio ever released out to consumers. That, when Internet radio services finally came into play, then they could of monetized via ad's / optional paid subscriptions (no ad's) sooner. Since they all want to garner reoccurring revenue for every song stream. Which they've finally caught onto.

    Lastly, what I'll never seem to understand about the major corporations of entertainment's business logic. Take Justin Bieber for example, an let's say it took him 8 hrs in the studio to come out with a hot new single. Now, do I think he should be rewarded for his time / effort, Certainly! (If you belong to a label). As that should be the major label record companies job to compensate / reward their artist/s for their hard work. But... Do I feel for that one day of 8 hrs work he / the label should be able to get paid multiple and multiple and multiple times and even decades later for that same 8 hrs of work it took for that one song?! Hell NO! But how things came about to be like that, we'll never know I guess... Because everyone else in the world working a REAL job can't get paid multiple x's for one days work now can we?

  • Free music sharing makes people more likely to listen to the music

    There are a ton of artists who's music I never would've bought had I not pirated it first. Almost every band that I love I started to listen to because I pirated their music. I've bought a ton of cds, records, merch, and concert tickets because I liked the music that I pirated. Piracy makes artists more popular. (and if you really want to support a band, buy concert tickets and merch! Record companies make a lot more off of music sales than the artists do.)

  • How fair is that???

    Poor people cannot afford to buy music, heck they can barely afford a house and food. If they wanted to listen to music, they couldn't because they cannot afford it. However, the rich people could afford to buy it, and we all know how the rich people are. SELFISH SNOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Music rules can't change all of a sudden!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Music has been free for so long. You can't just all of a sudden change everything. Kids want to listen to music. Do you really think parents would pay extra money just for some extra thing that they think isn't necessary? It wouldn't be fair to those kids and the parents either.

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SweetTea says2013-12-28T19:23:22.877
Those of us who are over 40 remember making tapes. I would wager that every teen in America did it. Of course, you had to graduate from 8-track to cassettes first. But it was harmless. You bought a package of empty cassette tapes ... Put one in your boombox ... And you taped tunes from the radio that you liked best. Isn't that basically the same thing as downloading music for free? Some radio stations would highlight new albums (way before CDs). They'd play the album in its entirety, or one side. If you stayed on top of things, you were able to tape it all. Nobody paid for anything. Nobody accused anyone of breaking the law. Has anyone else out there pondered this issue? When did this go from the teenage norm to illegal activity? How is it different? I'd like to hear some serious opinions regarding.