• Dr. Laura should be honored more these days.

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger should be given more honorary degrees. These is because she is a voice of reason for marriage and for women who believe that business is more important than marriage too. She is old-fashioned, and our country should honor people who are like that. The voices of the modern tend to be too prevalent today.

  • Why not? It's Effecting Real Life

    The universities and colleges who give her honorary degrees are doing so because they wish to. Since the degrees mean nothing in the real world, what's the difference? She can have a million honorary degrees but all they mean is that someone somewhere thinks she should have one. So go ahead, give her another one.

  • No, I am not a fan of that

    I don't understand honorary degrees. I think its fine that she got some honorary degrees, but she isn't a good role model. I know she just quit radio after she went on about the N word. It caused her to walk away,but in shame. I think days of her getting those degrees are over.

  • No, she has not demonstrated enough academic knowledge

    Dr Laura is an entertainer above all else. I think it's fine for her to have received a few honorary degrees to recognize the fact that she spread knowledge about self-help, but there are many other people who are currently doiong more to further the field and they should receive the honors.

  • No, she's a reactionary.

    There are always those who are going to like the black and white, all or nothing approach that people like Dr. Laura Schlessinger give to psychology. However, she is quite reactionary in her views and has received enough acclaim as of this point. No more honors or degrees should be given.

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