Should Dr. Phil apologize for his 'sex with drunk girls' tweet?

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  • What's the harm?

    This is my first time ever seeing or hearing anything about Dr. Phil and his tweet. After reading it, the only thing I could think is, what's to apologize for? What's the harm in asking a simple question? He did no wrong. And who exactly is he apologizing to, no one was ever directed with his question. No point in apologizing Mr. Phil.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Unless he personally wants to or decides it would just be a good idea to. But he shouldn't be forced to do so, that is a complete violation of his rights. He can do whatever he wants, whether it's stupid or not. Besides, who even cares about this dude? He's probably never really done anything to or for you.

  • Not that care about Dr.Phil

    But I don't see what there is to apologize for. It seems obvious that the tweet is intended to be rhetorical, as if to stir a conversation about a very real and serious phenomenon in our culture. It's not like he is saying or even implying that the answer to the posed question is 'yes'.

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Quan says2013-08-22T19:29:12.733
You should apologize for asking this question.