Should Drama and Speaking be made a Compulsory Lesson in Schools?

  • Drama and speaking provides a great opportunity for students to practice being heard.

    Having mandatory drama and speaking will force more shy students to exert themselves and put them out of their comfort zones in a safe way. Public speaking and presentation is not not an optional choice in the future beyond school, it's compulsary, and therefore, it should be in schools.

  • Yes, because it is extremely helpful to the development of students.

    It encourages thinking and problem solving, intra-personal and interpersonal skills, and artistic development. It also provides necessary skills to become a teacher, lawyer, politician, reporter, and, of course, performer. Not only does it help confidence and communication skills, but drama and speaking are a fun and creative way to develop these skills.

  • Drama and speaking are both useful and benefit the minds of anyone.

    Being 16 and a sophomore in high school, I understand the need for the core classes such as math, literacy, science, etc. However, before being involved in speech and drama, I was failing all of my classes. I was not motivated to complete any sort of work and it was mainly due to a lack of confidence in myself. A friend of mine suggested that I participate in the school play and it resulted in an increase in confidence. Since I was involved in that play I have gone to participate in another play and one musical. I'm also now the co-captain of my school's debate team and I have never been more motivated to get my work done and to be successful in life. Speech and drama alike are very useful.

  • Yes

    Yes it should, in ELA (reading and writing) at my school we need to give speeches in front of the entire class all the time, and half of the class doesn't know how to speak! So I have to sit there not understanding half of what they are saying because they are too quiet and shy. Then, some of them have emotional break downs! I fortunately, do not have stage fright because I take Drama and am a natural speaker. So then, my friends, get bad grades, C's and D's. They usually get A's on all the rest of their writing pieces, but since they are all so shy, they can't speak in front of the class. Our grades are being dragged down by our lack of the ability to speak, our future is composed of shy children who don't know how to speak to people. To make matters worse, because of the increase in cell phones, the amount of texting has sky-rocketed! Children don't know how to speak to each other anymore , much less to a crowd because all they do is text.

  • Speaking, perhaps not drama.

    I go to a school that teaches public speaking and presentation skills. They are very important for job interviews, jobs and also to communicate with other people in the world. To be social, you have to know how to talk. Drama is important for those pursuing a specialized career, it doesn't apply as much in real life.

  • I believe that public speaking and drama should be compulsory in schools, because it would benefit the confidence and self-esteem of young people.

    Although I am slightly less convinced about drama, I do believe that public speaking should be a compulsory part of public education. Aside from giving students valuable experience, it would be a boost to their self-esteem, as well. Public speaking and, to a lesser extent, drama, prepare young people by helping them express their opinions in a clear and well thought-out manner.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • Drama and Speaking provides confidence, ability to express opinions and beliefs, and understanding of vital literature, thus, it should be at least taught for one year to every high school student.

    Drama and Speaking, as taught in schools, is a vital part of students' understanding of themselves and their places in the world. Being able to be confident presenters and communicators also helps students in all other classes, and in jobs in the future, whether or not those jobs have to do with theater.

    Posted by: MountainousSol
  • It promotes creativity and essential skills needed to get a job.

    Taking a drama class forces students to break threw their comfort zones. This prepares them for life by showing them that getting a job and performing other tasks aren't always going to be easy or comfortable. Also, for students that are a little more analytical and may be less creative, this gives them an opportunity to diversify their talents and interests.

  • Speaking definitely... But drama...?

    Speaking as a person who acts on the small stage from time to time (yay for theater groups) I can't say that there is any real need for drama to be the mandatory part.

    Speaking, however, is a core and useful life skill that should be practiced and honed. Our world runs on language, on communication. Without it, we can't really accomplish very much. Those who can advocate effectively, for themselves and others, are generally more successful people.

  • It provides communicating skills essential in life

    Drama has to be compulsory as students future carriers depend on it. Being able to communicate means that students can interact with people. This can influence how they perform in interviews, or how they speak to colleagues. Being able to speak confidently and loudly means that students can get a point across. This allows them to enhance their future carrier success

  • Drama is hell to some kids

    Some kids have social problems so getting them to perform is their worst nightmare. They fear judgement, messing up, being laughed at or worry the other people in the performance will be mad at them for screwing up. I despise drama. I would prefer to do maths, English, science you name it rather than drama. Also, if kids like drama they can take it but if they don't, they shouldn't have to do it. It's their choice and forcing them is what actually lowers their self confidence and self esteem. But if they want to take it, they can.

  • To Much Pressure on these poor kids!

    As a primary student myself its hard to keep track of time and to keep everything in front so I don't leave it till the last minute. As for like debating writing and practising is the hardest bit! You don't need to do Public speaking to get a good job!

  • Why force them to do it?

    I as a grade six student highly disagree with the idea of having to do a speech in front of the whole class. This year we were given the option to do it just in front of the teacher and a friend, which I am gladly taking. My topic is why it should be optional, it is making students too anxious. Every year I get really embarrassed because of getting up in front of everyone. I write great speeches. But I just can't seem to be able to speak without getting embarrassed or stressed.

  • I'm going to be sick!

    Kids should not have to do public speaking because most kids become anxious and scarred. Which can cause kids not to want to come to school and feel like they will make a foul of them selves in front of everyone. I know from experience that it's not easy to go in front of the class and start to speak, and I know that I hate speeches so that's why I don't think kids should learn to do public speaking!

  • My child cannot imagine being anyone else except himself!

    My child is on the austic spectrum. He is very clever at Maths and science but finds it hard to imagine being anyone else. He is now 8 and drama has just started on the school timetable. He has to sit and watch. He has always refused any form of dressing up and finds it hard to play in an imaginative way. Drama is not for everyone. If you thing it should be compulsary come and spend some time with my child. You will then realise that not everyone has the ability to be able to do this!

  • Say no to drama

    Its meant to be a hobby, NOT A LESSON. Students will soon find it boring, start bunking school. Drama is meant to be a hobby for fun. Its just like being really really good at maths, but then become bored as it has to become a hobby! You won't find it fun anymore and since drama is hobby, let it be a hobby since that's what the person who made up drama wanted to make drama like. Its just very unrespectful! You wouldn't like it if someone said your own invention had to be developed WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.
    Say NO to drama as a lesson!

  • It impacts them psychologically

    I, myself, am not a public speaker. I'm a writer and I can do speeches but I sure as hell do not enjoy them. Not the teeniest tiniest bit. The main reason is because I don't want people judging my words or the way I present my words. This can create a huge psychological impact because one small thing can be said to impact people forever. Words may not cause physical harm but can be dangerous mental daggers whose outcomes can be horrifying. If Drama and speaking are compulsory lessons... More and more will be impacted. Is this what schools want to do?

  • No one likes speeches!

    Because they are anoying! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • They're pretty bad

    They're bad. Like really bad. They're terrible. I know how to f*cking spell and talk to humans, Hell, I can speak to animals if I'm so f*cking stupid. You need to take teen's opinions into consideration. I hate speeches more than school in general and anyone who ignored this can go write their speeches.

  • Speaking and drama should be optional

    Forcing students to speak for most isn't benefiting their education but doing the opposite. Many students think better and learn more by just listening and they might choose to pursue careers that don't involve speaking publicly. To other students it might be easy or they would want to enhance their speaking abilities. Speaking should be optional and so should drama. Drama isn't just about getting out of their comfort zone but also a skill that students should be interested in.

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