• They bets be dress codes

    Girls would be coming to school in crop tops and short skirts that are too short which could cause boys to scare at girls butt. Boys would be coming to schools and showing off there 6 packs to girls which would make the girls like them which causes them kissing and dating and fucking the girls would be striping and twerking which is badd

  • Yes, they should.

    Although everyone has the right to wear what they want, schools are a professional learning environment. Nonetheless, the latter should be respected, even if the dress code may seem silly. School uniforms too preserves the school's professional environment, and eliminates potential discrimination that may be based upon a person's attire.

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  • Students should be free to wear whatever they want

    You dont controll me school nobody likes you school i hate u i hate u i hate u i hate u i hate u i hate u no more dress code : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : ( : (

  • No, they shouldn't!

    In some aspects, dress code is appropriate. In other aspects such as No Facial Hair, No Piercing, or Flip flops, is simply ridiculous. I know that this isn't a state wide problem, all schools are different; however, in some schools they have overly exaggerated school dress codes. They shouldn't force kids to stop wearing certain things if they are appropriate for public setting such as facial hair or Piercings and flip flops.

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