• It helps the students

    Dress codes can lead towards bullying of individuals who can not afford "fashionable" clothing that other students may have. It also enforces discipline and representation of the school your or they may be attending. It can also show support to that area as well. Many may say it costs money, But children tend to want more quantity of clothing, As well as more expensive brand names.

  • Dress codes should be enforced in schools.

    Students in schools should have to adhere to at least basic dress codes. Most students are minors, and they should not be able to wear anything that is overly sexually provocative. It can also be a bad idea to wear clothing that advocates the use of alcohol or tobacco, since minors are not allowed to consume these.

  • Yes, a school is a professional building.

    Yes, dress codes should be enforced in schools, because students dressing appropriately learn better. Sometimes, students need to practice professional behavior. Dressing professionally in order to go to work is one thing students need to learn. Students can practice this every day by making sure they wear appropriate clothes to school.

  • Dress codes should be enforced in schools.

    Dress codes should be enforced in schools. Students enter the educational environment with the sole objective of obtaining an education, and anything that detract from this objective should be removed from the environment. Dress codes establish a set of guidelines that help the students respect themselves, as well as their peers while within those educational institutions.

  • I hate dresscode

    Kids should be able to express them selves by wearing whatever they want to. Its not fair that we need to follow a stupid dress code. Our parent buy us cloths and we cant even wear half of them because either the shirt is cut to low or too high and our shorts are to short our our pants are to tight

  • We should be allowed to express ourselves!

    Dress codes whether they mean to our not restrict us from being ourselves. They can also be sexist. I don't think I've ever seen a boy get dress coded even when he was wearing something that was against dress code. Girls always get dress coded for showing their stomach or shoulders. Why? Because they're distracting? They're just body parts. If other students or teachers find it distracting the students should get in trouble and the teachers SHOULD NOT BE TEACHING CHILDREN! Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  • You shouldn't have to wear what the make you.

    I think that they shouldn't make schools wear the school uniforms because you only get one that you have to wash almost everyday, and also y'all should have the right to wear whatever you want. I honestly love my own fashions, and you people who wear school uniforms, and make other people wear them won't get to the fashion.

  • Freedom of Expression

    Dress codes limit the freedom of expression and personality for kids. Sure, there may be some thing in reason, like not showing too much stomach, but there should not be so many rules on how kids are allowed to dress. It is just clothing, and is good for showing your personal style, it is ridiculous that kids should not have the freedom to express themselves through outfits.

  • We can’t only wear jeans.

    We can’t only wear jeans. Hello? We are in the 21st century and, newsflash, jeans don’t cost two-dollars anymore. Now days people can find jeans anywhere from twenty-dollars to the most expensive pair of jeans in the world that are $1.3 million dollars. Now, twenty-dollars doesn’t sound like a lot of money but that pair of jeans will only last probably half of the school year. Then the families would have to buy more. We have people in the Huntsville City School system that are getting free lunches because their family doesn’t have the money to support them. My point is that if we have people in the school system that can’t afford lunch how in the world are they going to be able to afford two pairs of jeans? That is why people wear back leggings. Leggings are very inexpensive. At Forever 21 their leggings are $3.90. You could buy 5 pairs of leggings at Forever 21 for the price of one pair of jeans at Target. If Huntsville City Schools insist on everyone wearing leggings than it is only right if they buy a pair of jeans for everyone who can’t afford them.

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  • If we come to learn, we should have our rights to wear what we please!!!

    We are forced to come to school. It's a law, we get it. That doesn't mean we should have to wear the same things over and over again. Some people at my school have to wear the same pair of jeans for days; just because of some tiny holes in their other pants. Also, if its hot outside, we over heat. Too cold, freeze.

  • We can't show who we are

    Dress code is a very bad idea. In the high school im going to there is no dress code and everyone loves it there versus other schools. It makes you feel comfortable and not look like everyone is in prison or something. This is one of the things every country needs to stop having

  • No Dress code at school

    You don't get to show you individuality or your personality. Kids want to have freedom on what they wear. The only restriction we should have is to not wear anything that shows your skin too much. You should wear clothes that cover your shoulders or your stomach. But we shouldn't have dress code!!

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