Should dress codes prevent students from dressing goth?

  • Yes, if costumes are prohibited.

    When students dress full on goth, they look as if they are wearing a costume, and a scary one at that. If the dress code bars them from wearing costumes to school, then the goth look should be barred also so that there is some level of decorum in the school.

  • Yes they should.

    Dress codes should prevent student from dressing goth. This is a distraction not only for the kids who are dressing as goth, but for all of the other student in the school. This is hurting the education of the kids in school, which is the worst thing that can happen.

  • No not all the way anyway

    I can ud rest and there are stereotypical goth looks that may be considered immodest, and if the schools prohibits that kind of apparel in general then that's fine, although one can still dress goth. It's essentially limiting the self-expression of a specific group of people that do not do any harm by the way they dress. To them, their apparel represents something other than the colors they wear. It's something of a culture, and it would be a constitutional atrocity for us to limit self-expression in such a simple manner as this.

  • It inhibits the first amendment right of freedom to expression

    Assuming the students in question are not wearing inherently dangerous or offensive apparel, such an act would violate their first amendment rights. Generally, "goth" clothing does not meet the exceptions listed above and is therefore permissible under the constitution. Then again, corporations tend to trample over our constitutional rights, so ultimately, it might not matter.

  • Unfair discrimination against a sub group

    Unless the dress code also prohibits dressing preppy, hipster, redneck or ect. If everyone is required to wear blue shirts and tan pants then thats ok. Otherwise it is a discrimination toward a specific form of self expression seen as undesirable by one or more people and is being discriminated agains based on personal feelings.

  • Students should express themselves

    Many students in most schools that wear goth cloth finally have a place of some kind like school where they can freely express themselves in a different way without being judged for their looks at school and they can be happy for once being dressed like a goth at school

  • They're Not Doing Any Harm

    Dress codes are needed to prevent from wearing clothes that expose a lot of skin or have offensive messages or ones that promote drug use . Also how would you ban all articles worn by "goths" , you wouldn't ban the colour black or clothing with chains as there is nothing wrong with them . As a member of an alternative subculture myself I feel as this is very foolish. As long as they aren't hurting anyone it's fine

  • Don't let your prejudices interfere with someone else's style

    Young people often experiment with different styles during their quest to figure out who they are. Since of these babybats will grow out of goth and some won't. Goth is seeing the beauty in places where others refuse to see it. It is not inherently dangerous. Dress code bans against dressing goth are based merely on incorrect assumptions, misunderstanding and an ignorance of the subculture. May look like a costume to you, but for them it is not. May look bad to you, but that's only because of your own prejudices against those who choose to look different. Let's not promote narrow-minded thinking.

  • Freedom to express yourself

    If they were to create strict dress codes like this, it would be unfair to people who wish to express themselves. If kids can wear bright colors, why can't they also dress in dark colors. This is only a way to supress a childs creativity and interests. It's not fair, and not okay. Think about it.

  • Only if Bullying Happens

    Dress codes shouldn't prevent goth clothes unless bullying happens because of the outfits. Going goth is a form of expression, even if it may be distasteful and a bit "out there." Kids should dress how they want, within reason, so long as it doesn't distract from the educational process of learning.

  • No, dress codes should not prevent students from dressing goth.

    No, dress codes should not prevent students from dressing goth. If a student decides to dress that way there is nothing wrong with it, as long as their clothing is modest and doesn't contain any offensive images or text. Students need to have at least some freedom to express themselves.

  • Heaven knows they'd be miserable, then.

    Dress codes are normally used to ban people from dressing in a sexually provocative way, not something you want or need on school grounds. While I had assumed the whole goth thing died with the 90s, if someone wants to slather on the pancake makeup and mope around wearing all black, I think they should be allowed. It's a teenage rite of passage to have a ridiculously pompous stage.

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themohawkninja says2013-11-11T21:34:57.567
This is the second or third thing that I have seen on this site that is anti-goth. What's with the hate?