• Your dumb as hell if you voted no.

    Drinking has destoryed lifes, even if the the other person didnt drink. Drinking is like a drug, when u drink it u like the way you feel when its taken away from you and your put in a problematic circumstances you want to drink and when you drink you put others at risk. You can lose your whole if you drink. I feel like its point less to say anything else cause if you think no then your dumb

  • Alcohol destroys lives

    Alcohol has many long known adverse effects, yet drinking is still socially acceptable and encouraged in our society. Many people over indulge, especially on weekends. Bars constantly over serve patrons who are intoxicated. This contributes to many deaths, not only from drunk driving but other alcohol related tragedies. I lost the love of my life after a heated argument we had after having too much to drink, he was so distraught he shot himself in the head without giving a thought to the finality of his actions. Alcohol is a poison to the mind that can have catastrophic consequences. People fail to recognize this, because they think only severe alcoholics will experience problems. Alcohol is used as a tool to ease social anxiety and "take the edge off", people mistakenly believe that alcohol is a good, fun thing, when in reality it causes irrational thinking and destroys lives every single day, in many ways.

  • It is harmful to health

    Drinking does not have any health benefit at all. It destroys brain cells and causes liver damage. Drinking while pregnant hampers proper development of the child in womb. Drinking causes temporary loss of total control over mind and sometimes the results are disastrous. That is why Drinking should be banned but for medical purposes only.

  • It turns us to animals.

    It takes over your mind, it kills your brain.. It causes abuse..
    & yes the government should be responsible for what people put in their bodies.. Because there is no society without people.. & if government wasn't responsible for the society, What they're responsible for?! Are you kidding me, this a poison that's negative in all dimensions (Only in medical use).. So.. What're we waiting for? Don't just make yourself an excuse!
    Bless you all, i love you, i really do.

  • Drinking cause abuse

    People can not control themselves when drinking because they do not know how. They also do thing that they will regret . Drinking really does not help relieve stress it actually cause more because like I said you do thing you regret. So I do think drinking should be illegal.

  • It destroys lives.

    Alcohol causes so many problems in society such as aggressiveness, addiction, violence, car accidents and so on, people should be able to enjoy themselves without drinking. 70% of crimes involve alcohol and the vast majority of road deaths are caused by alcohol. How can we support something that destroys so many lives and years so many families apart.

  • BEer gOoD iN tUmmY

    Beer make feel good. All warm inside. Need to feel good like vary much. Make feel dizzy real bad. Me have good time. All day long. Have a big tummy ache but me no feel it it good to have vary much so. Beer pong good game take lot of skill me is champion.

  • It doesn't work.

    Let me say for the record that I am 100% against human beings drinking alcohol for fun, and I support temperance with regards to the substance. But the fact is, Government can't regulate that kind of behavior. We've tried it with the 18th amendment to the United States Constitution, and it failed.

  • No drinking should not be illegal

    No, drinking should not be illegal and is very helpful to many people around the world. Drinking can be a great stress reliever, but only when done in the appropriate ways such as not drinking and driving. Drinking should remain illegal until someone is twenty-one and able to make rationale decisions.

  • Intake should never be illegal

    I don't think that any government or lawmaking group should prohibit what things people can put in their bodies. There should be regulations as to what they are allowed to do while they are intoxicated, but I see no reason why a person should be prohibited from doing as they please with their own bodies, so long as they are not harming others.

  • No, it shouldn't

    No, I would have to strongly disagree with the notion that drinking should be illegal. This country has already explored that option in the early 1900s, and we can all see from history that that did not work out very well. As long as people are responsible with alcohol, there is no big problem.

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