• It should be illegal

    I believe it should be illegal. There are too many irresponsible drunk drivers, people who cause conflict, and legal issues under the influence of alcohol. Public intoxication should be banned. Restaurants should ban alcoholic beverages. What's your opinion? What are some reasons you thing it should or shouldn't be banned?

  • The legally safe option for a drunk should be to walk NOT to drive

    Just drinking an alcoholic beverage in public doesn't cause anyone problems if the person is minding their own business.

    As for banning public intoxication. What's more important, stopping public intoxication or stopping drunk driving?

    If displaying signs of drunkeness while in public can get you cited then the person will be more likely to choose drunk driving since if they succeed in evading suspicions while driving it will take them less time to get home than if they walked.

    We should allow public intoxication as long as the person isn't doing anything that would get a sober person in trouble. That way less people would choose to drive while intoxicated. We should make the safer option to walk home after drinking rather than to drive.

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