Should Driver Middle School have year-round school?

  • Year Round School Promotes Learning

    I believe it is best for school systems to switch to year round schedules. Year round schedules help promote learning and they help students better retain information, since the gap is closed from one grade to the next. I think it is better for students to receive breaks more often, rather than in quantity.

  • Year round enhances learning

    Yes, I believe that there should be a year round school. As a country we are falling behind the educational curve in comparison to other countries. I believe we have too many breaks in the learning process. When students are given a long break much of the information learned is lost or not retained. Year round school can build on the subjects that are learned so that skills can be retained instead of data dumped out of the mind.

  • Year round makes sense

    Year-round schooling makes sense when seen outside the context of the traditions of North America, and most schools in the US should transition away from a summer break model. Summer breaks are said to give kids time to relax (which kids need), but their biggest effect is making kids forget much of what they previously learned, setting the kids back months at a time.

  • Summer is outdated

    Students getting summer off is an outdated practice. This is from a time when it was practical to keep children at home in summer. Today there is no reason for summer to be a time of laziness for students. This doesn't prepare them for life in the world. Year-round school would better prepare students for life.

  • Year round school is a no go.

    I don't belive in year round school in an American society. I think that it has its place in the world, with countries that have a culture sympatico with that sort of work ethic, but America is not one of those places. Kids need a time to relax and decompress too.

  • No schools should not be year round

    Education is very important for kids but we should not rob them of the chance to be kids. Summer vacation should remain for school age kids. To do away with it will greatly lower the moral of students and they have nothing to look forward to time wise. You may see people slacking off more.

  • Driver Middle School Doesn't Need Year-Round Classes

    Driver Middle School shouldn't offer year-round classes to its student as a requirement. In reality, year-round schools offer very few benefits to students in comparison to more traditional middle schools. There's no reason that students should be stuck in school nearly every day of the year since the benefits are mostly unproven.

  • Year-Round School Doesn't Help

    Children need a break from studies, and they need time to spend with family and friends. They don't need to be engaged in education throughout the entire calendar year in order to get better grades and learn more effectively. The teachers also need a break from their students. They don't deserve to be in a classroom with their students year-round.

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