Should drivers be prohibited from using their cell phones?

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  • Yes drivers should be prohibited from using their cellphones

    Using your cellphone while driving can lead to a series of bills and fines coming at your way. If you text while driving it can cause deaths or injuries that you may never recover from. Your cellphone is your distraction . As soon as you get a text message your first instinct is to look at the text message instead of looking up and seeing that the car was coming.

  • In most of the ways it can be used, yes.

    If somebody is talking on a bluetooth headset, I don't really even like that but sometimes there are emergencies and they need to be addressed. Let that go. Holding the phone to your ear? Small fine. Texting? Gigantic fine. Multiple citations of texting while driving? Fine and your license starts going on vacation for increasing amounts of time. This is not a joke, distracted driving gets people killed.

  • Bitch hell no

    I'm not looking forward to driving and getting hit by a driver that's on their phone. My aunt died in a bike crash by a driver that was texting, and she didn't do anything wrong that's what bothers me. So I'm saying "no" not just for my aunts sake, but for everyone's sake.

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  • No hands free should be okay

    I think hands free use of cell phones while driving is okay. Many people have to make long drives and the phone may keep them going over time. It may also be the only time they can get things done. If they are hands free the distraction is very limited.

  • Drivers SHOULD NOT be able to use their phones while driving

    Here today in the US there have been plenty of incidents and the cause is the cell phone. But one common fact is that people are getting harmed and killed by texting while driving. So people should not be aloud to text while drive and if they do it should be a fine

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