Should drivers caught using their cell phones be banned from driving?

  • Yes, they are a danger to others

    Drivers caught using cell phones while driving should definitely lose their license. The consequences of using a cell phone while driving are very bad. You could be killed, or injured. Or you could kill others.

    These people should definitely not be allowed to continue to drive.They are extremely dangerous individuals, and should be stopped.

  • Yes, the penalty needs to get everyones attention.

    So many lives are lost or ruined every day due to drivers using cell phones. Whether texting or answering calls, cell phones are still a distraction. Anything that takes a drivers attention away from his or her driving can be dangerous and needs to carry a penalty with it. Being banned from driving is a severe penalty, but so is causing someone's death.

  • Ban cell phone-using drivers.

    Drivers caught using their cell phones should be banned from driving. There is no reason a person has to use their cell phone on the road unless they are in a life-or-death emergency. People are selfishly putting other people's lives in their hands when they try to text and even talk on the phones while driving.

  • Using a Cell phone while driving is not that serious.

    It is agreeable that drivers using their cell phones in states that do not allow that activity should be reprimanded. However, revoking their license permanently is not a viable solution. Even people who get DUI's are not subject to denial of licensing until half a dozen offenses. Give them a fine that fits the offense. This can usually be devised by calculating how much money the government is paying for such negligence, divided by the average amount of times someone is caught doing the activity in question.

  • No, they should be warned.

    No, drivers caught using their cell phones should not be banned from driving, because the punishment would be too severe for the crime. Cell phones are not illegal in many states. In most cases, driving with a cell phone does not result in serious harm. The person should be issued a ticket and warned.

  • Fined, Not Banned

    Drivers caught using their cell phones while driving should be fined and ticketed, but not banned. Many states already have laws in place to deal with reckless drivers who don't use headsets while driving. Distracted driving causes most accidents, and driving without a hands-free unit is one cause of those accidents.

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