• All drivers who live in the United States should have licenses

    Drivers licenses help to regulate the behaviors of people who operate motor vehicles because they are a form of identity and they can be used to encourage responsible operation of automobiles. People lose their licenses when they break the law sufficiently and some people may choose to obey the law in order to avoid losing their license. Public transportation in the United States is not typically very good, so it is inevitable that people living here (illegally or not) are going to want to drive. In order to protect people, all drivers need to be licenses regardless of their immigrant status.

  • Then children should be able to get licenses

    These are illegal immigrants. Who commit crime and drive drink. So if they are able to get licensed, then 11 and 12 year olds should to. After all they are citizens...

    And after reading what i said about kids getting licenses, you see how stupid it is for illegal immigrants to get them

  • Driver's license a Citizen privledge

    If you are an illegal immigrant here in the US from crossing the border illegally and not going through the proper channels to receive citizenship, you should not get to obtain a driver's license. A driver's license should be obtainable by way of documentation the immigrant is here and get a temporary work license until a citizenship is granted. Letting people hop over or fences and just get to cruise on in and get the benefits of not wanting to get caught messes up the guy trying to do it right. Illegal immigrants will work for less, and if no way to drive, well, he will get paid even less than that. Why are we making it easier for the one doing it the wrong way instead of just giving credit and benefit to the ones who come here legally, work hard, follow the laws and become a productive part of society. The little bit of money made by illegals goes a long way back home but not far at all here. But, if you are legal, you don't have to work for pennies, instead of the money going out, they use the money to bring families in and our economy grows. Benefit the ones doing the right thing. No driver's licenses for illegal immigrants!

  • Drivers licenses should not be issued to illegal immigrants.

    In addition to their obvious function as a license to drive, state driver's licenses serve as the primary identification for most US citizens. I believe issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants would make it easier for them to take advantage of various rights and services to which they are not truly entitled.

  • Not their country

    No, illegal aliens should not be given a drivers liscense and allowed to drive like the citizens of this country. They cheated to get over here, and do not deserve to be the rights that we have. If they go to get a liscense, then they should be deported back.

  • No, they should not be.

    I do believe the path to citizenship should be much easier, but to have a driver's license in the United States basically means that you are a citizen of the country. And if you're not a citizen, you should not be able to obtain a United States driver's license. I think there should be an international driver's license.

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