• Drones? Oh please no.

    This generation needs someting educational, because the killing is starting to become a daily thing now, its disgusting.
    We need something to help someone survive, not think of what killed it, because that is taking longer, and the person would be dead by time we figure out the reason..
    We need something that can help them before they reach their last breath, last words, last tears.
    They would not ask for revenge if they aren't even part of the problem, they would seek help to not be part of it.
    Is this drone going to drag me out of an earthquake? Or is it going to hold my hand when i am beaten to death? Does it have a first aid somewhere incase i was injured? Does it have a lunch box incase i was stranded somewhere with no food? Does it call for help when i need it?? I want something like that! Something thats put though into and not revenge and power! Something that doesn't start a war!

  • Yes the should be.

    Drone attacks are a bad way to fight a war. This is for many reasons. One of the most prevalent reasons is that drones are known for killing innocent civilians. However, there is more to it than that. When humans are not physically fighting in the war, they become desensitized to it. It is easy for them to forget that people are dying.

  • Drones are evil

    Drones are killing operatives who aspire to attack the United States today or tomorrow, but they are also increasing the probability of attacks over the long term, by angering locals and raising their desire for revenge. As long as you terrorize people there will be those trying to terrorize you.

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