Should drone strikes be used against suspected terrorists in the United States?

  • Yes, drone strikes should be used against suspected terrorists anywhere.

    Yes, using drone strikes against suspected terrorists should be used anywhere in the world, including the United States. I believe that with enough probable cause and evidence that there can be times when drone strikes can be used even if it is against someone located in the United States in order to keep everyone safe.

  • Yes they should

    I think that if we as a country as going to survive the threat of terrorism that has been danger to us since the days of September 11th, we need to use every tool that we have available to us. One such tool is the use of drone strikes, and they are effective.

  • Suspicion isn't enough

    Merely suspecting a person of being a terrorist is never enough to justify a targeted killing. I'm against drones being used in foreign countries, but against American citizens who are afforded the right to "due process", no way! Drone strikes are unconstitutional and on top of that, have a high risk of collateral damage in the form of civilians' lives, as we've seen from the drone strikes in Pakistan.

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT! (well at least not without a warrant of death)

    It is not within the realm of the Executive to preform executions without the consent of the Judiciary Branch. As we are not technically in a state of war, all persons who are detained as terrorists should be given a civilian court hearing. Any person who is declared a terrorist should receive treatment like any standard citizen, which includes the right to a trial by jury.

  • Are we still living in America?

    I do not believe drone strikes should be used against terrorists in the United States. It is far too much of a risk to the public and the civilians of this country. There is no doubt in my mind civilian casualties would be bound to happen trying to attack a target or possibly even mistaking some one for a terrorist.

  • No, drone strikes should not be used.

    The keyword here was "suspected." If the United States is concerned about possible terrorists in the country, they should take steps to hunt them out and bring them in. Any type of violent strike is a negative sign and could cause even more problems. We need to find out why there are so many terrorists here as it is.

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