Should Drone Warfare be abandoned? If so, Why? If not, Why?

Asked by: DominikaKorunich
  • It is not fair.

    It looks like dispensing of people in a cowardly manner, without announcement, nor fair trail. Some of the targeted could be totally innocent. On the other hand, would you allow the practice to be against US citizens in the US? Would you allow other nations to infiltrate US soil to target its citizens? There are definitely alternative ways to reach and target terrorists than to shoot them from the skies with no warning.

  • It is not the outcome of the war that matters, but a certain demeanor of fighting.

    When wars become dehumanized, both winning and losing become miserable, and the outcome means no more than one side was willing or able to devote more resources to combat than the other. A battle has no value unlesss it is won with human lives. It is the blood and tears we shed that demonstrate our commitment to the result, and if we remove that mortal element, we might as well be gambling on a Starcraft match. Even worse, if only one side uses drones war becomes nothing more than butchery. It is our willingness to put our own lives on the line for a cause, to kill or be killed, that grants war some measure of legitimacy. While wars are often started for selfish or morally repugnant reasons, it is the purity, the nobility of the soldiers that makes it more than a thuggish power grab.

  • Drone Warfare is Cowardly

    It should be abolished. If a person is going to take the life of another human being then they should be willing to also put themselves at risk. To engage in warfare remotely "from the couch" is the most cowardly form of murder imaginable and those that engage in it are among the most morally despicable people to ever walk the earth.

    What does drone warfare have in common with Nazi extermination, or other genocidal programs?

    Answer: Both involved the killing of human beings without their possessing any ability to defend themselves or fight back.

  • No, the goal is to win the war and solve disputes.

    As inhuman and dehumanizing as drones may be, they are ideal for ending wars, drones have taken down many of "The Base" leaders. The idea in this day in age is different then is was before, strategy have changed, trying to drown the enemy in pools of your soldiers blood is not an effective way to win, that is why drones are an important addition to the armys of the world.

  • Welcome to the future

    Where people need to realize military equipment is evolving, this isn't an opinion debate driven by morals ,there are no morals in war, it is senseless murder and drones provide a way for the military of any country to be more effective senseless murderers. Saying that Drones should be abandoned because it is unfair then you might as well take us back to the middle ages where you had to cleave a mans head off in close combat to kill him. You might as well abandon the development of missiles and guns and any sort of technology that involves you killing someone indirectly, in fact you might as well re arm the world with axes and swords, hell abandon catapults and arrows too if you want.

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