• Yes, they should.

    Yes, I agree that drones should be banned from private use. Drones are not safe for private citizens to handle. Drones are a government device and should not be in the use of civilian and private hands. This is similar to the issue of guns and semi-automatic weapons; they just don't belong in the hands of private citizens.

  • Ridiculous and outrageous!

    They have the potential for so much harm when used for the wrong reasons. They infringe on peoples privacy, not to mention the danger of accidents involving drones. Doesn't matter how many regulations are in place, I think its absolute madness! What is this crazy world coming to? Utterly ridiculous!

  • Not for recreational use

    I have already had some trouble in my neighborhood with drones flying over my house and hovering. I should be able to walk around the privacy of my back yard stark naked without having to worry about being watched. The government has already taken away many rights to privacy and I understand that. I shouldn't have to deal with some punk ass kids around the corner flying and hovering over my house. It's as simple as that. In an ideal society people would respect others right to privacy but that's not the way things are and they never will be. People are going to get hurt over this and it will only be a matter of time until something gets done about it. Maybe when Michelle Obama wakes up one morning to a drone watching her or her kids through a window, they might be looking at it a little differently.

  • Why why why

    The only entity that should be in control of drones in the U.S. is the U.S. law enforcement agencies. There is no feasible reason to own a drone if you are a civilian in the United States. Drones are not safe and have no real usage with the exception of maybe taking pictures for a business. But why can you not just use a helicopter? Drones have the ability to spy on people because of their stealthy characteristics including low sounds and small size. This is in a direct violation of privacy and their is no way to monitor what people use them and how they use them.

  • Yes, drones should be banned from private use.

    Drones are like small airplanes that are not manned. Why would anyone without a pilot's license even be allowed to have one? I believe these planes in the wrong hands could do a lot of damage. Just the fact of them crashing into people's homes or on the streets makes me terrified if they become available to the general public.

  • Lady in Seattle looking at a drone outside of window? Makes me furious.

    They should be banned. I have a right to my privacy and if I seen one on my property, it wouldn't last. They will have a tendency to get into wrong hands naturally, for hunting game, people for the sole purpose of hurting someone. There is no need for them except mischief.

  • Ban the drones, who actually needs them anyway?

    Affects wildlife (birds etc), easy to breach peoples privacy, idiots use them near airports, if they run out of battery they fall so could potentially kill somebody or break something eg windscreens, there is no real need for anybody to use a drone for personal use. Armed forces I can understand, personal use I don't.

  • Private Drones should be banned!

    Come on. Cameras. Need I say more? Before we know it, they'll, have x-Ray cameras. How bout that creepy guy with his phone? He could be controlling a private drone from that phone. Drones are cheap and convenient, which means that anyone can buy them, including stalkers. Yep. Ban em.

  • It's not about privacy, fun or profit ... It's a matter of public safety.

    Personal drones are being used to transport drugs into the United States now. The perpetrators will not be getting a permit or license, they don't care about laws rules or regulation ... And (for them) money is no object.


    These drones can carry several pounds of cargo and can EASILY be flown into ANY location (even what you would consider the most secure). One just crashed on the white house lawn for goodness sakes ...


    This is not fiction. It's not about toys or having fun any more. Privacy is not the issue. The physical threat is real ... It's only a matter of time until something worse than drugs are delivered to an unsuspecting public. Does anyone remember the anthrax scare? This nightmare has to be stopped now. Ban the drone and fine/incarcerate anyone who uses one. Make it impossible to buy one and illegal to make one.

  • There's a reason we don't allow military jets to fly over cities

    Do I really have to explain this? Private flying cameras and weapons are just "premium" ways the rich can subjugate and enslave the poor with fear and tyranny, as well as use these devices which we all know have the capabilities of being silent and udetectable to exploit people by spying on them.

  • Drones are good

    The government has them so why shouldn't we? It's only fair if citizens have them too? If the government has them we shouldn't be banned from them if the government has drones we should go on strike and say "Ban the Drones!!!!!!" If the government bans the drones from us the government should be banned to.

  • What's in a name?

    What if instead we called it a "TOY" or "Remotely Piloted Hobby Aircraft"? Often opinions change dramatically simply by changing a name. Not all drones are like armed military craft as sensationalized by the media. There are a huge variety of very useful, and safe, purposes these devices can be put to by civilians. Here are a few more in addition to the ones listed in other opinions above:
    - Search and Rescue operations
    - low cost aerial phtography
    - inspection and maintenance of buildings and other structures
    - advertising
    - news reporting
    - public event recording and broadcast
    - traffic monitoring and reporting
    - education and training
    - assisting/enabling disabled persons

    We shouldn't be so hasty to throw away a useful technology out of ignorance or fear of the unknown just because it's new. If we did, we wouldn't have learned to use fire, drive cars, fly airplanes or go to the moon.

  • Reason reason 1

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  • Why stop at drones what about rc planes and helecopters they can be just as bad if not worse

    I dont see the problem for years RC planes and helecopters have been out and about flying around and its just as easy to fix cameras ect to them , its all about edcuating the person flying it, and the laws with regards to these.
    There are already law in place regarding drone/ uav flight they just need to be made more obvious at point of sale/ purchase

  • Let us be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by letting us have drones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Drones are good The government has them so why shouldn't we? It's only fair if citizens have them too? If the government has them we shouldn't be banned from them if the government has drones we should go on strike and say "Ban the Drones!!!!!!" If the government bans the drones from us the government should be banned to.
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  • Regulated, but not banned.

    I think the public need to better understand what a "Drone” is.
    Most peoples think of a drone as the Military Unmanned plane (capable to fly mission on its own, equip with top of the line spy tech and capable of destroying a small target at the press of a button).
    Aldo this may be true, not all drone are that advance (just like not all plane are military and/or spy planes).
    By definition a drone or UAV is simply an Unmanned Arial vehicle. By this definition, the small Radio Controlled helicopter (like the one they sell at the malls) would be consider a “drone”, and I think many kids would be very disappointed at Christmas if we where to BANNE ALL DRONES.

    Some of the bigger one can be somewhat dangerous when place in the hands of inexperience pilots, and flying above people’s head, and this is why we need some regulations, and we do. The “drones” have been around for a long time. Hobbyist have been flying RC (radio controlled) planes (UAV) for decades now. And these hobbyists have been regulated by the FAA. With technologies getting better, smaller and more affordable, I do believe that we need to review these regulation ( Regulate not BANNED) .

    For does concern about their privacy (the neighbors kids using it to peep in your backyard) I would be much more concern about smart phones, camera with telescopic lenses, any recording device (like all smartphones). This problem has been around for decades, and banning the “drones” will not change any of it.

    If you don’t think they should be used by law enforcement for ‘patrolling’, then maybe we should not have police helicopters or cars either.

    I really don’t think the issue is with the drones, but with the laws/regulation that surround them. (And in many cases, has nothing to do at all with the drones at all).
    If it’s OK for police to patrol in helicopters over farms to find illegal weed growers, why is would it be OK to do so using a drone? (The issue is not about the drone, but about the privacy)

    Please before you go and banned all drones, get a little more informed and understand better the issues.
    Drones (of all types) are just tools.
    A hammer is a very useful tool, but can also be use to smash someone face.. Should we ban all hammers? IMO the same goes for drones.

  • License needed to fly

    Why ban, I suggest a system where training like online course/ exam before providing a license to fly a drone.
    Drones in non experienced hands could be dangerous.
    It's like when you get a license to drive a car you need to be at certain age, know where and when to fly when to avoid and so on.

  • Drones have many uses

    Drones aren't just large unmanned aircraft! I have built my own drone and my right to do so should not be completely removed. I agree that it should be regulated (I obviously can't fly it near airports, for example), but completely removing that right is ridiculous. Drones can be a great learning experience for students as well as being useful for businesses and even ordinary people as a hobby! RC planes have been around for years and haven't suffered a similar reaction so why should drones?

  • Sensationalism at its best!

    A drone, also known as a UAV, is any flying device that doesn't require a human operator. Luckily, this broad definition covers hobbiest planes alway the way up to the military ones. There exist many non military uses of UAVs, but here is a short list
    -Poaching Prevention
    -Forest Fire Prevention
    -Police Surveillance
    -Farmers protecting their herds or crop
    -As a hobby
    Simply because one type of drone, which will not be available to any civilian niche market for quite a while, is used by the Military, doesn't require a manditory over reaction.

  • No, drones should be allowed for all if allowed for the government

    Although the trend of domestic drones roaming the sky is problematic, private citizens should be allowed to operate them if the government is allowed to operate them. Drones have many practical applications, especially in the Midwest where farmers are responsible for a large amount of land. Of course, strict prohibitions should be in place to ensure private drone operators do not infringe on the privacy of others.

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