• They are killing innocent people

    Drones do kill terrorists, but they also kill innocent people who get in the way. Drones are dangerous. People die a lot by drones. Drones are bad. A life is a life to keep and cherish. Not kill and get rid of. People are our society. Do not allow drones to kill our people.

  • Terrorists use drones to spy

    If civilians are using this tech, or corporations to spy on people they ae no better than the terrorists. And the person or corporation flying it should expect it to be shot down and get no bail to life or death sentence, or for companies government liquation and brutal prosecution of every member of the corporation just to send a message that it will not be tolerated.

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  • Why should they be... No valid arguments seen except for personal affiliations...

    I don't see how drones should be illegal it just doesn't make sense how your personal beliefs should limit the amazing leaps and bounds science has put forth before us...
    Personally I believe they should be legal but with certain parameters such as the fact you should not be allowed to trespass on peoples property.

  • Drones should be allowed to be used commercially

    The Benefits of Drones
    Why should jobs like power companies, sewage and construction risk the lives of humans? Drones could eliminate the need to risk a human life. This year drones are starting to be allowed to be used commercially, but people must have many permits and restrictions to fly a drone. Drones should be allowed to be used commercially to help people ship things faster, like Amazon. Amazon is planning to start Amazon prime air. This could help reach places that would take a long time to reach without drones. Drones could also help eliminate jobs that require human risk. One example of this is how drones could survey power plants that need repair so humans do not risk their life. Also, drones could help the food industry. This is true because some farmers are starting to use drones to survey their land to find spots that need insecticide and other chemicals. So in conclusion drones should be allowed to be used commercially to help benefit humans in many ways.

  • Drones shouldn't be illegal.

    Drones may be cause harm to innocents that get in the way, but there is no way to stop that. It's the same as if we sent troops in to do the work, innocent people can get in the way and possibly get killed. This is not something we can work around at the moment. Yes, I believe that in the future we could possibly find a better way to go through with these actions, but right now this is the safest way for America to deal with these types of problems.

  • Drones are meant to keep people safe from dangerous people.

    Drones provide a fast way of finding dangerous people and because it has America is safer. Can drones kill innocent people? Yes, they can, but it kills more dangerous people than innocent people. Dangerous people kill more innocent people than drones do, and that's an important thing to keep note of.

  • Drones aren't just for killing people.

    What if you, say, want to take an aerial photo, but can't rent a helicopter? Drones are very common in journalism, for example; some newspapers are famous for using drones to take pictures from a great height. They're also useful in scientific research, law enforcement (for observing people), filming movies, and even activism by monitoring illegal activities (yes, I just looked it up). Banning drones altogether is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Drones should be illegal

    Drones should be illegal as they bring out a clear security threat to the ones around them and to the country. The people controlling the drone could be anyone, A terrorist, An enemy. Etc. You can never trust anyone who is safeguarding or using a drone.
    Security threats;
    Evidence: On 8th July '15, Two employees of a Mumbai-based real estate search portal were detained by the police after they flew a drone near the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Chembur without prior police permission. The drone had a camera attached to it and was taking pictures of buildings to be uploaded on the website.

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