• Yes, drones should be used domestically

    Drones should be used domestically within reason and with great care. While very useful, they are still somewhat experimental and could be hacked and used in unethical or harmful ways. Drones can serve many purposes and have been used in surveillance areas, and I saw a commercial where one was being used to deliver packages within an area close to a factory (very experimental). The use of drones in populated areas raises many questions as to their safety.

  • Yes, but only in certain circumstances.

    Yes, I believe there are times when drones need to be used domestically. Drones could be used in drug busts and assorted covert operations by sending them in ahead of the police. I think there would be many gang and drug related activities where drones would come in quite handy, possibly even as a deterrent.

  • That's too scary.

    No, drones should not be used domestically, because that would terrify the American people. It would be a terrifying thing to be walking down the street and have a bomb drop out of the sky to try to kill you or the person next to you. People should not live in fear of instant death from a drone, thanks to their own government.

  • I'm Going With No

    Personally, I don't want to see drones flying all over the place, so I do not think they should be used domestically. I absolutely hate the fact that companies like Amazon are considering this to be a viable option. I believe this change is going to cause a lot of problems.

  • not at all

    No, it would not be a good idea to use drones here in the US. I think that to many people would not like it, and that there would be a big deal about it and about how they thought that it was a bad thing to do here now.

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