• It will solve the problem of drugs.

    Locking away drug users, Teaches people a lesson on not doing drugs. People will second guess doing drugs, Because they will know they will end up in prison, If they do drugs. People turn to drugs, Because they think it’s “cool” when we all know they are hurting. Lock away druggies.

  • For the time being

    In my opinion, It is okay to leave a drug addict in jail for a period of time because in a period of time a person who is addicted to drugs can fight his drug addiction. A repentant person will try to change. Family support and involvement in rehabilitation programs are crucial. It is difficult for a drug addict to get out of the situation but during a period of time in prison, He can be taught to change and this change can help him fight the urge to smoke drugs.

  • Addicts should be supported, Suppliers should be locked up.

    Drugs have been criminalized for many years now and it has never deterred people away from using them. We know this because people still use them. . There's nothing to suggest that harsher punishment reduces crime, Which makes sense because people don't commit crimes with the intention of being caught, Obviously. So that's one reason I disagree, As I don't think it'll solve the issue.

    It's far more useful to enforce criminal charges on people who SUPPLY the drugs and ensure that they will DEFINITELY get caught (the severity of the punishment doesn't matter, People are less likely to commit a crime if there's a higher chance of being caught, Then if there's a harsher punishment. ) This will be a deterrent to suppliers and if there are no suppliers, Where do the addicts get their drugs?

    There's also a compassionate reason for this. Suppliers are actually doing harm to people by supporting and accommodating addiction, So it should be up to the law to protect people from them. Addicts only do harm to themselves and maybe emotional harm to those close to them. However, This is also true for people who self-harm, Do we lock them away too? Of course not, We provide support and help for them. We should do exactly the same for addicts.

    The 67% of people who voted 'yes' aren't thinking.

  • Not at all

    How many people were thrown in the streets life with out choice how many are using drugs because they wanna get rid of pain but are too f***ing poor lock them in jail if they sell for sure but if they took drugs then they should be given warnings and see their circumstances first

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Anonymous says2020-10-22T12:12:18.970
Well listen up clown, I don't deal drugs and therefore don't have any customers. Drug dealers should be locked away too.

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