• They are thieving scum who couldn't care less!!

    They should be imprisoned in a different country with their passport destroyed. Their REAL names should be given to every Government. If they die, excellent! Anyone who cares for them should be imprisoned too.
    They are evil scum who have no right to live on Earth.

    I hope every one of them dies in agony.

  • There should be different sentences for different types of drug dealers.

    Drug dealers are not all the same. There should be different punishments for
    selling different substances. Weed
    should be legalized and sold for medicinal or recreational use. There should be mandatory minimum sentences
    for selling crack or meth because they are so destructive. Drugs like ecstasy should be legalized, but
    carefully regulated to control potency.
    I think that only drug lords who murder a lot of people should be jailed
    for life.

  • While I do believe it would solve the drug probelm, I am not sure if it is enough of a dissuasion

    In countries, such as Saudi Arabia, public execution for people involved in illegal drug trade. This itself hasn't actually curtailed illegal drugs in Arabia. Jailing people for life would prevent any hope of rehabilitating dealers. First time offenders of a non-violent crime should never be jailed indefinitely. Allowing criminals to be rehabilitated and returned to the population can let them become role models and may help rehabilitate others and/or prevent others from being jailed.

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