Should drug testing athletes be allowed in high schools?

  • Drug testing should be mandated.

    As an athlete I do agree with mandatory drug testing no matter if at a high school or college level, being athlete is very important to most (the player , team and coach) and if you are willing to take drugs which depending on the sport can negatively affect the whole team you should not be on the team. It also can put the athlete themselves at risk and we might as well be pro-active and fix the problem other than letting them possibly feed on to their own death. Hopefully most will chose sports over drugs and lower the number of druggies.

  • I agree with drug testing

    Yes I do agree with athletes getting drug tested because, what if the sport involve running. If it does then the drugs can slow a person down. Also the drugs can give the person more chances of getting hurt. It could also be an unfair advantage. Sometimes the person can have the ability to do more things than others. Sports is a privilege not a right.

  • Should have to

    They need to be able to improve by themselves not through the performance enhancements like steroids. They also have the responsibility of committing their trusts to the coaches and fellow team players. When they do other drugs they aren't the players that they could be. Plus it deteriorates their life until they have no chance to stop.

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